10 Ways To Survive the Pretty Little Liars Hiatus

Taylor Swift tapping on a desk

No PLL? So bored.

Does the mere glimpse of a red coat send you into a tizzy? Are you laying awake at night trying to figure out what or who was in Detective Wilden’s car trunk? Do you refer to the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premiere as Summer Christmas? Are you counting down the days until you can reunite with Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer? If you responded yes to at least one of these symptoms then you’re experiencing what we like to call “PLL withdrawal.”

The bad news is that there’s no immediate cure. The good news is that we do have some viable suggestions on how to make it through the next few months and learn some new skills in the process until the ABC Family drama kicks off a brand new episode (“A is for A-L-I-V-E“).

1. Practice your cake baking. (Professional birthday cake eater Ezra Fitz approves.)

Glee characters bake

Bake away!

2. Hit up the Rosewood club scene with your besties. Order two pink drinks: One for you and one in Hanna’s honor.

Nicki Minaj dancing

Bust a move.

3. Spend Tuesday nights like any true Hastings would: by organizing your class notes and then your closet.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

The To Do List motto.

4. Get a job. Make lattes at the Brew or babysit Malcolm. Whatever gets that moolah rolling in.

cash money


5. Hone your skills as a puppeteer. Nothing would make A more proud!

Franklin from Arrested Development

I see you.

6. It’s perfectly okay to spend your evenings dreaming up new ways to smooch Toby and Caleb.

Summer kisses Seth on The OC

Our spider sense is tingling.

7. Perfect your strut so that you can take those Rosewood High catwalks hallways by storm.

Beyonce struts on stage.

Get it, girl!

8. Get back into shape so that you can outrun any Rosewood psychos who try to run you over on your skateboard.

Gimli from LOTR: Two Towers

You can do it!

9. Crack open those books and start studying. We expect you to beat Spencer and Mona at the next academic decathlon meet. (No pressure though.)

Studying is hard and boring.

Don't listen to her.

10. If Hanna Marin can successfully tackle detective work in her spare time, so can you. (No offense, Hannakins.) Who ate the delicious red velvet cupcake that you were saving for dessert? Where did your favorite cashmere sweater disappear to? What’s the name of the cute guy in your eight period gym class who rocks at volleyball? Um, don’t look at us. We’ve done our part by making this list. Sleuth mode, homies.

Harriet the Spy

I spy a spy.

So tell us, loves, what’s your top tip on overcoming Pretty Little Liars separation anxiety? Or does a remedy simply not exist?


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