Songs from the Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode: “Miss Me X 100″

Paige and Emily kiss in "Miss Me x 100" - songs from Pretty Little Liars 100th episode

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Sticky family situations! Suspense! Romance! Bitch slaps! Key lime pie! Explosions in the sky! Honestly, what wasn’t the Pretty Little Liars 100th episode full of? This special event had it all — from heartbreaking monologues delivered by Paige to heartmelting cuddle sessions between Spencer and Toby in his pickup truck to a fiery conclusion at the Cavanaugh house, Season 5, Episode 5 (“Miss Me x 100″) was quite the feat. And another thing that helped amplify all the drama? The wonderful music! PLL 5×05 was jam-packed with memorable tracks that set the mood for each intense kiss and showdown.

If you were as obsessed as we were with all the songs from the Pretty Little Liars 100th episode, then dive into the playlist below to get the scoop on this week’s soundtrack!

“Begin Again” by Rachel Platten: Plays as Ali gets ready for school and then makes her grand entrance.

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“Thunder Clatter” by Wild Cub: Plays when Hanna and Lucas bump into each other at a party and catch up.

Fuel to Fire” by Agnes Obel: Plays when Aria drops by the Cavanaugh house and finds Jenna crying alone in a corner.

Alone” by Michelle Anderson: Plays when Hanna is at the Brew grabbing coffee for Travis and herself, and sees Caleb standing in line.

Don’t Deserve You” by Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb: Plays when Spencer and Toby are parked in his pickup truck at the spot that overlooks Rosewood. They talk about how awesome life is without A capturing their every movie and eventually hook up.

Every Breath You Take” as covered by Denmark + Winter: Plays when Ezra and Aria — unable to hold back their feelings any longer — start kissing and eventually have sex in his apartment. It also plays when Emily and Alison share a kiss during their sleepover.

What was your favorite song from Pretty Little Liars episode 5×05? Which music scene made you scream, “OMG”? Tell us in a comment!


  1. anon8EBD1 Said:

    Every Breath You Take! No doubt ;) EMISON all the way!!!

  2. AJ Said:

    Begin Again! ;)

  3. Priscilla Said:

    This is a new video I just made about Paily and Emison! Who do you guys vote?

  4. Hannah Said:

    Begin Again

  5. ML Said:

    Every Breath You Take———– Ian Harding scenes are my favorite <3

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