Sad News: Ravenswood Cancelled by ABC Family After One Season

Ravenswood cast members: Merritt Patterson, Tyler Blackburn, Nicole Gale Anderson, Brett Dier, and Britne Oldford

Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Bob D'Amico

Brace yourselves, Ravenswood fans, because much like the five pact members, the fate of the show has been decided and sealed by the powers-that-be. We are sad to report that Pretty Little Liars spinoff has been canceled, just a few weeks after completing its first season. Late on Friday night (February 14), ABC Family announced that the network will not be bringing the show back for a second season. While we’re currently too bummed to feel consoled by the “all good things must come to end” adage, we do wish the cast members and crew the best of luck in all their endeavors. They have amazing careers ahead of them as they proved through all their incredible hard work on this suspenseful and  increasingly addictive supernatural series!

That said, we’re not going to sit here and mope around as unanswered questions about Original Caleb’s return, Abaddon’s origins, and the town’s deadly curse infiltrate our minds. We’re not going to break down in tears as we realize we will never again peer into Carla Grunwald’s wise ice-blue crystal orbs eyes and see the future. We swear on Creepy Collins’s good name (spoiler alert!) that we will never let this grievous announcement tear at our souls like a possessed, pitchfork-throwing scarecrow would. No siree! Instead, we’re going to celebrate with a look back at our top 40 favorite quotes from Ravenswood Season 1!

  1. “We might need to work out some kind of system, uh just so I can have some kind of warning, put on some underwear.” – Caleb Rivers
  2. “What’s the point of having a voice if you don’t use it?” – Remy Beaumont
  3. “Keeping track of the lambs — it’s certainly not random. Promises were made, debts are owed. I’m the deal-maker, not the murderer. There is a debt on the books and I always collect.” – Reverend Abaddon
  4. “You can’t hurt me. I’m not in this alone. I got backup.” – Dillon
  5. “When he coughs there’s dust. It’s like beating a rug.” – Remy Beaumont
  6. “The cracks are showing, and I’m not the only one with a sledgehammer.” – Zack Springer
  7. “Two times you’re with that guy, two times you almost died. I’m not taking anymore chances.” – Luke Matheson
  8. “One minute I’m sneaking up on Grunwald doing my poltergeist thing, the next minute I’m being seared like Ahi tuna.” – Miranda Collins
  9. “I don’t know why I ever saw you as a B+.” – Tess
  10. “You know, I’m telling you some pretty weird stuff, and you’re acting like I’m giving you the weather report.” – Caleb Rivers
  11. “My grandma’s 20 years younger than him and she still calls my tablet a maxi pad.” – Remy Beaumont
  12. “My whole life changed while I wasn’t paying attention and I can’t be around people who constantly remind me that it’s only going to get worse.” – Luke Matheson
  13. “Be careful my dear, you think you have the answers but you don’t even know what the questions are.” – Carla Grunwald
  14. “You’re careless, boy. You have to pay more attention to your moves.” – Henry Rivers
  15. “Who can I sue in this town for making my boyfriend as crazy as a bag of cats?” – Hanna Marin
  16. “I’m tired of being the public face for my whole family. I’m tired of smiling and being brave, pretending everything’s okay.” – Olivia Matheson
  17. “With all due respect, I don’t believe in any of that life after death soul crap.” – Caleb Rivers
  18. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that snake may have some warm blood in his veins.” – Miranda Collins
  19. “I fall asleep and someone grabs the sleep remote and switches to nightmare channel.” – Remy Beaumont
  20. “Okay there’s creepy and then there’s if I pee in my pants you can’t make fun of me.” –  Olivia Matheson
  21. “He’s a good boy who keeps his word. You don’t get that everyday.” – Miranda Collins
  22. “Ravenswood has to be the only town in the country without a website.” – Caleb Rivers
  23. “Whoever questions this gets the same answer, death.” – Raymond Collins
  24. “Every time she looks at me I feel like someone’s taking a potato peeler to my skin.” – Caleb Rivers
  25. “What if suddenly I’m evil’s puppet?” – Remy Beaumont
  26. “Have you ever been someplace where something historical happened and you get a chill?” – Luke Matheson
  27. “Granted I don’t make a lot of friends with the living, but I try and give something to those they’ve lost. Dignity, we’re often robbed of it when we’re alive.” – Raymond Collins
  28. “Some things you text, some you tell.” – Remy Beaumont
  29. “You can still crave something you can’t have.” – Miranda Collins
  30. “Have you met any famous dead people yet?” – Hanna Marin
  31. “Dear Hanna, so much has happened since we last spoke. I nearly drowned in a bathtub and a sunken car. I went to Miranda’s funeral. I was attacked by Kujo’s cousin in a junkyard. The light above my couch tried to decapitate me tonight, and oh did I mention? I was scheduled to die in that car too.” – Caleb Rivers
  32. “You can’t handle your own truth, why would I think you could handle mine?” – Remy Beaumont
  33. “I don’t think the smart thing will make me as happy as you do.” – Hanna Marin
  34. “I might not understand how all this dream hacking works, but it’s time you get out of my friend’s head. Get out of my friend’s head, you son of a b*tch!” – Miranda Collins
  35. “There’s so much death, it’s like the town’s soaked in it.” – Caleb Rivers
  36. “Two fisted coffee drinker, that’s serious.” – Remy Beaumont
  37. “What you have with Caleb is worth more than one afternoon, isn’t it?” – Carla Grunwald
  38. “I’m sure you will [take care of it]. Otherwise, it’s the grinder for both of us. Can we stop for ice-cream?” – Max
  39. “My parents shipped me off. I had 72 hours of purification [at] ministry camp. My mom — uh, this is really embarrassing — she found condoms in my drawer. Freaked out. My mom called the pastor and my dad took my phone, and then they sent me to the woods to have the devil shaken out of me.” – Dillon
  40. “Your wind had hands. My shower curtain had shoulders.” – Caleb Rivers

What was your favorite quote/scene from the show’s ten episodes? Are you saddened to learn that Ravenswood has been cancelled? Are you as desperate for answers to the show’s biggest mysteries? (Confession: we’re hoping for some closure as well!) Sound off in the comments!


  1. toni Said:

    I am sad. I thought it could be wrapped up soon but since they didn’t wrap it up at the end of season 1, I thought we had at least a half more or one whole season left. I didn’t however think it could go more than 2 seasons. Could you at least end it properly and have Caleb step off the bus in Rosewood at the end of the episode? You could solve the whole thing in 1 two hour finale

  2. Rhiannon Phoenix Said:

    So sad. Very disappointed. Just like when they didn’t bring The Lying Game back. Please don’t cancel Twisted next. Pretty Little Liars is not the only good show (but thankfully that’s been running for quite a few seasons, and hopefully won’t end too soon).

  3. Terri Said:

    OMG……this is ridiculous!!! this is now the second time ABC Family has cancelled a series I’ve been watching……ABC family needs to do at least a 2 hour special to finish up the show!!!!! RAVENWOOD FANS deserve a ending!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not fair!!!! I loved this show and everyone of the actors in it!!!! Come on ABC finish what you start!!!!! I will not ever ever start a new series again!!! What a let down!!!!

  4. Alannah Said:

    Are you being serious? People waist so much time watching these shows and you cancel it half way though without giving any answers. I started watching the lying game and it was cancelled and now ravenswood is canceled. I’m very disappointed in abc family for cancelling shows that could have lasted for as long as pretty little liars. Just because there is not as many fans a pretty little liars does not mean that people don’t enjoy watching them.

  5. Sydney Said:

    They shouldn’t have cancelled the show. Ravenswood is connected to Pretty Little liars and having a separate show for Ravenswood to explain what goes on there and who mrs. Grinwald is has also helped to explain why Ali would go there. The show was introduced through PLL. Not to mention the whole Caleb staying there and leaving Hanna thing. How are they supposed to bring Caleb back into Rosewood without finishing what he had started in Ravenswood? I have a serious issue with this.It’s quite rude

  6. Sydney Said:

    If you think about it, ABC family is causing itself to lose credibility. Who is going to want to start watching a show when it will most likely be cancelled after the first season without ever properly finishing it. Sure if tey decided to wrap everything up in one long episode and explain everything an solve everything that would be fine. However, now there a lot of disappointed viewers who just want to know how it’s supposed to end.

  7. tina Said:

    That show was really great I loved it, what’s next twisted, pretty Little liars?

  8. Brittany Said:

    Ugh!!!Just like The Lying Game.That was my favorite show and they cut it off when they could’ve had it running.Stop friggin canceling shows that are good):

  9. Glacelys Said:

    Are we really surprised? ABC Family cancels anything that isn’t pretty little liars. Really think about it? If it doesn’t have absolutely outrageous ratings, it goes down the drain. Examples: Jane by Design, Lying Game, Ravenswood, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Bun Heads… just about every other show they produce that isn’t pretty little liars. Twisted honestly better last or their network is going down the tube.

  10. Tabitha Said:

    I am truly upset by this! I started watching The Lying Game and it was canceled! Now Ravenswood! What’s the point in watching ABC Family’s show if your just going to end them prematurely! I hope they at least do the right thing and do a finale show that wraps it all up! I am so disappointed in ABC Family!

  11. Koren Said:

    What the hell… Canceling one of the best shows! Ravenswood was the only show that I was really pumped up to see! It has magic in it, and a lot of actress was really great! Give us some answers, or warnings, and not just cancel the whole show just like that! Who’s going to watch anymore of your shows, if you keep on canceling them! Like the Lying games! I was just getting started to love it! And, there’s a lot of spin off to that show, to keep people entertained! Just like you did with PLL!

  12. laurie Said:

    Pack of morons for canceling ravenswood.twisted is just as awesome. Caleb can do both shows. You can monitor who’s watching it when it airs but whatwatching at air time but what about those that dvr it and watch it when whole family gets together. Our ages range from 12-63. Ya even us oldies love it. Abc pull your head out of your butt before you lose veiwers

  13. John Said:

    They could at least end it by showing that it all never happened because it was all a dream Caleb was having the bus back to rosewood.

  14. Fanzene Said:

    Caleb will probably return to rosewood, look hanna deep into her eyes and say: Hanna I’m back!! I missed you too much, but don’t ask… It’s complicated. :p no offense, but ravenswood was a borefest! ABC family did the right thing. Pll is way too good to have a weak spinoff like that. Admittedly, I did kind of like the characters… But to me the story or mystery is way to boring.. I think marlene king should focus on pll, and if she really wants a new television series, go for Now and Then.

  15. Cortney Said:

    This is the 5th show that I love that ABC Family has cancelled. If it wasn’t for PLL I wouldn’t be watching anything on ABC Family anymore. It’s ridiculous.

  16. ashley Said:

    this is ridiculous ! The lying game and now Ravenswood , once pretty little liars is over with I doubt I will be watching anything else on ABC . Why leave us hanging with unanswered questions ? Why even start a new series if you have no intentions on finishing it ?

  17. Beth Said:

    I liked Ravenswood but it was kind of weird that there were ghost and supernatural there and not in Rosewood so I’m glad it’s over and I like the idea of it just being Calab’s dream.

  18. Michelle Said:

    Please bring Ravenswood back for a few more episodes to finish the story.

  19. Vanessa Said:

    How could they do this after one season it was starting to get good now we will never know what happens next this is so ridiculous the show was getting good i am so mad

  20. Brittaney Said:

    Since ABC cancelled the show, they could at least do a show on PLL in between the season 4 finale & the beginning of season 5 to explain what was going to happen. Have a show specifically for Caleb’s return & have him have flash backs to his time in Ravenswood while explaining everything to Hanna. At least then, we get some kind of ending.

  21. Jessica Said:

    I am so DONE with ABC family! PLL is practically the ONLY show they have not canceled. Ravenswood should have a proper ending! I dont watch PLL so i have no reason to have ABC family. Your creditably is down the drain. It is too late to get your veiwers back because you have been doing that to fans for years! So…ByeBye ABC i can’t say it was a pleasure!

  22. Jessica Said:

    Oh and for those who say you have to watch PLL to understand Ravenswood…your dead wrong! I jumped right into Ravenswood without any PLL time whatsoever

  23. Katie Said:

    so…no more Ravenswood? How the heck is Caleb gonna come back to PLL now? Just show up like he never left? If PLL ends soon I’m gonna freak out! That is the only reason I watch ABC Fam. Bye-bye ABC!


  24. Blair Said:


  25. Tammy :) Said:

    I am so sad!!! :( I love this show! Finding out the ending was a twister and couldnt wait to see creepy dude come up with an excuse!

  26. Bethany Said:

    Can we have some answers here??? Still waiting for it to be wrapped up! Can we have at least one more episode,or a dvd you can purchase?
    And bring back The Lying Game!

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