Alison DiLaurentis’ Best Quotes from The Pretty Little Liars Book Series

Sasha Pieterse as Alison DiLaurentisIf there’s one thing that Pretty Little Liars has taught us, it’s to never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret — especially if that girl happens to be named Alison DiLaurentis!

However, as much as we fear what Rosewood’s ultimate queen bee is capable of, we do admit that she has a way with words. She constantly regales us with her dark wit and unsettling sense of humor! So, in honor of Sara Shepard’s special prequel novel, Ali’s Pretty Little Lies, and the sassiest PLL character in existence, we’ve rounded up our favorite Ali D. quips and comebacks from the books. Check them out below!

  • “You’re not welcome here, bitch.”
  • “We should give him a taste of his own medicine.”
  • “The only way someone is going to get it from me is if they kill me first.”
  • “Because. If anything, I’m the princess.”
  • “Imogen’s looking awfully fat — she should hope she’s pregnant.”
  • “You know my mom, Em. She’s more anal than Spencer.”
  • “You know what, girls? I think this is the Summer of Ali. The Summer of All of Us. I can just feel it. Can’t you?”
  • “I’m going to have my own show. I’ll be a smarter, cuter Paris Hilton.”

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  1. Elizabeth Jolly Said:

    you forgot “I’m Ali, and I’m fabulous”

  2. Leslie Alagna Said:

    i read that i have all them! (y)

  3. Allysa Newman Said:

    Pretty little liars is the most awesomest book series but they should make the show more like the book i love it anyways though i thought at first tht it was like the books but its not……..<3

  4. Kristin Klingerman Said:

    I’ve never loved a TV show or books as much as I love Pretty Little Liars. Can’t wait for Season 4!

  5. Hayley Said:

    Tbh… Sometimes I wish that I was Ali…

  6. acne treatment Said:

    Yes as a matter of fact they do. They are called debriefing questionnaire’s. Nonetheless, only a percentage of the field personnel are given these to fill out.

  7. siarah Said:

    I just got that book yesterday lol. love it so far.

  8. Hannah Said:

    Should I read this book after or during when I read all of the other books?

  9. Melinda Said:

    ♥ I love these quotes, there awesome. I also love there shows, especially. I hope they keep the shows/seasons/episodes going… R the books good enough to buy? I hope so because I’m going to buy them next month….♥

  10. Ali Said:

    Alison is definitely my favorite character!

  11. Jordan Said:

    Alright I did not like the book crushed. I will cry my eyes out if a certain character dies :/

  12. Lena Said:

    Sara Shepard can NOT kill Noel! He’s awesome! I think that aria should tell him everything, and then they should make up.

  13. Amber Said:

    I agree with Allysa Newman… I wish the tv was more like the books. I didn’t start reading the books until after this season started so I am a little behind in the boks but so far I like them better then the show. What I don’t understand is why did Ian die in the first season but in the book he got sent to jail. Another thing is that Mona died in the book but she just went to Radley on the show. They shouldn’t have changed to much in the show from the way the book went.

  14. I Luv PLL Said:

    Ali is such a cold-hearted person but her confidence is so strong that i have to admire her. And if she is A in the books and in the T.V. show than she is more conniving and manipulative then I thought. “I’m Ali and I’m fabulous!”

  15. Meenah Said:

    I just hope Ezra Fitz is not A. I’d be damned if he is cos honestly I don’t think he’s qualified for the job plus I don’t like him

  16. Pretty_girl lies Said:


  17. kat Said:

    OMG love pretty little liars

  18. lauren Said:

    Luv pretty little liars!

  19. ellie-may Said:

    i luv pretty little liars!!
    best series EVA!!

  20. Genesis Said:

    I personally like “Its immortality, my darlings.”

  21. daughter of director_pll Said:

    i know who A is. whenever you guys find out, you will be more shocked than I was. Let me tell you a clue. A is someone you least expected to be them. that is all i can say.

  22. alyssa Said:

    ummm will u just tell me who a is first i thought it was ian now i think its the cop just get too the point other wise i luv the show scary mist creepy and the crazyness is what i love about it anyway why did the prettiest die i think it was her twin anyway love the show hate mona love emily my favoriti liar shes butiful if i were maya i would treat her better

  23. bri Said:

    I read a book where all the girls met this one guy but he had different names one of his names was Phineas he was the one spencer met he was also olaf the one aria met and I forget the others but he was tripp somebody that iris had a crush on when she was in radley

  24. Alison Said:

    I wish they’d do the twin theory on the TV show, I feel like it would be a lot more interesting if they did it that way.
    Or even if they just made movies for each book and made it EXACTLY like the books I’d love that and then the show can have it’s own twists.


    I was kind of surprised when they kept talking about Jordan being the love of Emily’s life because I felt like they barely knew each other so it made sense when she finally just killed Jordan off to add a twist.

  25. Amy Said:

    I noticed a lot of you saying the show should follow the books more. But what’s the fun in that? I actually like that they don’t copy exactly from the books. But I WOULD love a series of movies based directly off the books like @Alison said, maybe like the one Hanna was in in the very end of the book series. I’m truly glad that the show takes it’s own twists and turns. If it didn’t I think the book fans would be bored out of their minds because we’d know exactly what’s gonna happen and what they’ll say. The twin theory would be really cool on the show but I feel as if it’s already too late to just pop an Alison twin out of the blue, now that she’s in prison and stuff, the twin could be Bethany, but again I just feel as if that’s too predictable and unoriginal. I like the way they’re going with the show and I really hope they don’t try to make the show follow the books a ton, because I feel as if it is meant to be 2 different things: show and book. I understand it gets confusing jumping from story to story, but the excitement would be gone if it was just same old same old every time. So that’s really my opinion on I. Marlene King and the other writers making the show follow the same paths as the book.

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