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They’re back! When we last saw the Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family, Spencer had uncovered a shocking ode to “Ali + Ian” carved in a tree. Toby had revealed some creepy news about his relationship with Jenna to Emily. Aria had just reunited with Ezra in a steamy make-out scene . . . with a mysterious, hooded stalker watching in the woods. And Hanna?  Hanna was left for dead after an unidentified driver ran her over—on purpose!

What could possibly happen next? Find out tonight when Pretty Little Liars returns—and don’t be late! Tonight’s episode starts 2 minutes early at 7:58 / 6:58 PM Central. They needed an extra 120 seconds to pack in all the drama!

Which of the Liars did you miss the most while PLL was on hiatus? Tell us which storyline you’re dying to catch up on tonight!


  1. Helper Said:

    For people that want to know where they can watch the new episode, go to and search pretty little liars. Uu should be able to watch it from there. Last time i checked, they have the latest episode.

  2. jen Said:

    somehow this feeling doesn’t leave me that is Mona, I just think she could be the two-faced bitch.

    Gosh Ezre and Aria are the best in the show- I’m freakin out to find out what happens next.

  3. Louise Said:

    Hi i live in the United Kingdom and have been watching PLL on Viva music channel does anyone know when the new episodes will be shown on Viva, the last episode that was played 2 weeks ago was when Hanna was run over, thanks x

  4. elisha Said:

    i live in the UK and pretty little liars is aired on viva, the last episode was episode 10 where hanna was run down, i dont know when it is back again, can anyone let me know? it would be a great help? x

  5. toshiwoshi Said:

    i heard about viva but i think its gonna be a while when did the last one come out?

  6. Not a Liar Said:

    i missed them all!!!! if any guys watched it, tho…theyd all hav missed emily..wonder why….

  7. Amanda Said:


  8. court Said:


  9. genevive Said:

    i thin thaat is wrong because it is mona in the book so its to obvious

  10. jaaaron Said:

    i luv its gettting good i want 2 kno who is a and im apretty little liar number is 985-536-2159

  11. kristen Said:

    someone told me they read the books and that apparently allison is a adn that is was her twin sister who died

  12. Amy Said:

    I’m live in the uk and the new season hasn’t started on viva. I’m really missing it as the last episode was when Hannah it run over. Please can anyone tell me when it’s returning!! Would really appreciate it. xx

  13. Jamilah Said:


  14. abbiee...x Said:

    Omgg i live in the UK aswell and reli need too know when pretty little liars wil be bakk onn
    feels like i been waitin forrevrrr !!!! SOMEONE LET ME NO PLEASEEE!!! xxx

  15. AAAAAAAAA Said:

    Hmmm… What are we going to do with our little liar Hannah? She’s at it again. Befriended Kate the bitch thats going to ruin her life. Well its my job to make our little liars life hell. Not Kate. Watch your backs. Mwah!



    Girls, girls, girls. You must all be pretty liars of mine? Maybe you should stop spoiling my fun by telling people what is happening next. Watch your backs, little fans. You might just be next.


  17. liaa Said:

    omgg i lovee thiss showw i justt wonderr whoo a iss…. whenn i findd outt imm nott goo lykee thatt characterr…

  18. lila Said:

    I am beauiful, cunning and mysterious. But I also have 2 identities.
    Can any of you liars guess?


  19. Ali Said:

    Yes, my name is Alison, coincidense much? The worst part is that my BFF is called Spencer and my sister’s name is Emily… Anyways, I just moved to the UK can anyone tell me what channel PLL is on?


  20. charlie Said:

    i just moved back to england from canada and i have watched every episode up to the second season and i wanted to know what channel to look for and when it airs in england? its the best show ever so scarry if i cant watch it i will be crushed

  21. Beth Said:

    When does it come back on in the Uk, on VIVA ? :)

  22. Grace Said:

    hello, i have been a huge fan of PLL and i just wanted to know when does it start showing again in the UK?
    thank you

  23. Terri-Anne Said:

    Dear PLL Fans,
    Pretty Little Liars Is now showing on Thursday nights at its usual time of 8:00pm. But the only thing has changed is that the show, due to its popularity has moved from Viva to MTV. You may be able to catch some episodes though it has been airing since march 2011. I dont think PLL will be coming back to Viva anytime soon.
    Sorry PLL Fans
    Terri xx

  24. Terri-Anne Said:

    On March 24, 2011, to be exact.

  25. Terri-Anne Said:

    Hope I Could Help. xxx

  26. shelly 123 Said:

    pretty little liars is getting intense…. wats in that barn??? kinda creepy!!!! i wonder wat mike is up to.. hes been gone for a long time!!! so excited to figure out wat happens

  27. ashleigh Said:

    i have watched all of season 1 as i have bought the american dvd but what month is season 2 of pll coming on viva in the uk ?

  28. Jade Wilson Said:

    When is pretty little liars coming back on MTV for season 2 !!!!

  29. kirsty Said:

    does anyone know when series 2 will be on in the UK? and what channel it will be on? just seen series 1 and im hooked!!!

  30. Michelle Christoforou Said:

    Hey whens the episode 12 of season 2 coming out in the uk
    cos in an america they seen it
    love pretty littl liars

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