Pretty Little Liars Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for Aria Montgomery

Aria Montgomery on PLLShopping for gifts can be tough, especially when the recipient is a Rosewood girl named Aria Montgomery who seems to have it all: a handsome beau, a killer wardrobe, and an enviable book collection. However, beyond the facade of perfection, lies a pretty little liar, caught in a web of secrets, who is dealing with way more drama than anyone ever should. Thus, this holiday season, we think the Pretty Little Liars cutie deserves a break in the form of a wonderful present that’s both practical and thoughtful, and that still captures her Boho spirit.

Check out some of the ideas we have in mind in the gift guide below:

Jewelry Making Kit

Aria loves accessorizing and pushing the boundaries of fashion with funky feather earring, spider pendants, and asymmetrical bangles. She's also very creative. Hence, she would probably enjoy whipping up her own pieces via this Jewelry Basics Class In A Box Kit on rainy days when she's not making out with Ezra or when crazy A has has decided to sleep in.

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Lots and Lots of Ultra Soft Tissues

This past year, Aria found out that Ezra is a baby daddy and his ex, Maggie, is back in his life. Plus, her own father still isn't accepting of her relationship with her former English teacher. Oh, and her beau might be A! So what's a girl to do when faced with so many obstacles that stand between her and romantic bliss? Cry it out, of course. And, just in case that happens, we want to be sure Aria has plenty of tissues on hand -- so a year's supply should cut it!

Order her (and yourself) a box here!

A Bookcase

Whether she's enjoying To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee or leafing through Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, Aria is true bookworm. However, she needs a place to house her precious collection of classics and what's more proper than a beautiful bookcase for her room? This gift would be a hit we're sure!

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Aria always seems to find herself stranded in the rain without an umbrella and our hearts break when we see her all shivering and drenched. Thus, we figure that she could definitely put this MoMA Mini Sky Umbrella. And the added bonus? Despite the pelting rain, she can pretend it's nothing but clear, bright skies while standing under it!

Stay dry. Order it today!

Brow Kit

If there's one thing we adore about Aria, it's her bold, beautiful eyebrows. (They are practically an eighth world wonder.) We love how well-defined they are! However, considering how much time she invests into chasing down A and fitting make-out sessions with Ezra in between her classes, we're betting it's tough landing an appointment at the local beauty spa. (Brow maintenance can be rough!) Thus, we figure she can save herself some time and money by taking the DIY approach with this Anastasia Five Element Brow Kit!

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What would you want to give Pretty Little Liars character, Aria Montgomery, for Christmas? Tell us in the comments!


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