Ashley Benson Counts Down Hanna Marin’s Best Moments on Pretty Little Liars

Ashley Benson reveals her favorite Hanna Marin moments on Pretty Little Liars.Is it just us or does “A” really have it out for Hanna Marin and her family? The poor girl just can’t catch a break. True, Rosewood’s go-to psycho loves harassing all of the Pretty Little Liars in different ways, but he/she is especially fond of tormenting our sweet Hannakins. Whether it’s setting up her mom for murder, running her over with an SUV, or stealing the already-stolen bank money from the pasta box in the Marin kitchen, A has put the blond bombshell and her mother through the ringer these last few years. Luckily however, despite her numerous misfortunes and run-ins with the law, Hanna manages to maintain a sassy (if not brazen) attitude about life, fashion, and black-hoodied sociopaths!

So which of Hanna’s many crazy and intense confrontations with the town’s ultimate creeper does actress Ashley Benson find most memorable and enjoyable? Hit the ‘play’ on the video below and watch as Ash counts down her favorite “Hanna” moments on the hit ABC Family series!


Here’s a quick rundown of the “Hanna” moments Miss Ashley chose:

  1. Playing an adorable switch board operator in the black-and-white episode.
  2. Getting lured to an abandoned mannequin warehouse.
  3. Trying to bury evidence at a frat house.
  4. Hopping into the shower with Caleb to hide from her mom…and admiring his hot bod.
  5. Receiving a visit from Alison in the hospital.
  6. Pushing Detective Wilden’s cop car into the lake with Aria.
  7. Having a message from “A” extracted from her tooth.
  8. Getting run over by Mona at Glamp Camp.
  9. Confronting Caleb about spying on her.
  10. Being stalked by A throughout the DiLaurentis house.
  11. Pointing a gun at A while in NYC and demanding that he/she remove his/her mask.

That said, what are your top three favorite Hanna Marin scenes ever? Share them in a comment below!

Get ready, dolls: Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premieres on Tuesday, June 10th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family!

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