Ashley Benson Stars in Hot Chelle Rae’s New Music Video “Honestly”

Ashley Benson in Hot Chelle Rae music video for "Honestly"Ashley Benson is currently busy filming Spring Breakers with Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens in Florida. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a few awesome surprises for fabulous Benzoholics everywhere. The Pretty Little Liars actress not only did an amazing job as Hanna in the PLL Season 2 finale but she also makes an exciting cameo in Hot Chelle Rae’s new music video for “Honestly”!

In the video, Ashley co-stars alongside frontman Ryan Follese (and group members Nash Overstree, Jamie Follese and Ian Keagy) and takes on the role of an angry girlfriend who, annoyed by her man’s antics, starts going crazy and trying to even the score. Needless to say, her portrayal of a relationship gone sour is so on point and extremely entertaining. Tune in below as she keys a car, tosses his laundry out the window, and does a little online stalking (the good old fashioned ‘A’ way of course)!

Seriously, how catchy is this song?! “I can’t believe I came home to find my car keyed/And honestly I’m way too tired to fight.” And: “I’ll go out get drunk again/Make out with all your dumb friends/Tag your face just to rub it in.”

Check out some video stills of Ashley Benson below!

Let's hang out, boo?

Oh no you didn't! Snap Snap.

Storming off.

Dude, back off.


The 'key' to a successful breakup?

Tossing out his dirty laundry. Ha!

Snacking and plotting.

Revenge never looked as good!

Kissy face time.

Coloring outside the lines...

Oopsy daisy! Wrong car.

Fashionably late

Trying to make her man jealous.

This is my new honeybun. Jealous yet?


Life of the party!

Lingering feelings.

Disgruntled exes

Ashley gets a helping hand.

What do you think of Ashley Benson’s portrayal of a jealous ex? Post your feedback in the comments!


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  2. Naomi Said:

    That’s a good song! I love you Hot Chelle Rae and Ashley Benson! :)

  3. Asia Said:

    I love AshelyB fashion style she is so creative and she can pull off any look love her

  4. nelcious Said:

    love her in this song

  5. Cecil E Geron (CHIP) Said:

    My favorite. I love Hanna a.k.a Ashley Benson. She is the prettiest one on the show. She also has the biggest heart. She’s nice to people like Mona and Lucus, people who the others call geeks. Good looking chicks everywhere should follow the lead of Hanna. Sometimes I wish I was Caleb…..

  6. jane't bates-butler Said:

    omg Ashley is one of my favorite actors on Pretty Little Liars!! you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Keke Said:

    Ashley Benson is so pretty and i think she fits the character Hanna plus i love how she dress in real and in the show she have a fashion style and good taste too. i want to dress like her……….

  8. jacrysta Said:

    i wish i couud be her shes stylish and very cute and cool!!!!!!!!!

  9. angelchin Said:

    I love you all guys keep it up.. you are all pretty

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