Ashley Benson Opens up about Her Racy Spring Breakers Scene

Spring Breakers cast: Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, and Vanessa HudgensFans of Pretty Little Liars best know Ashley Benson as hilarious and compassionate Rosewood fashionista Hanna Marin. She’s lovable, sweet, and full of confusing yet endearing wisdom. However, PLL viewers will soon come to discover a more grown-up different side to the ABC Family actress upon watching her in the dark indie film Spring Breakers.

The controversial film, directed by Harmony Korine and co-starring Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, James Franco and Rachel Korine, revolves around four friends who are arrested after robbing a restaurant to fund their trip to Miami, and it is already making waves due to its focus on hard-partying teens, gun violence, and drug use. And one of the most buzzed about scenes features Ashley participating in a three-way with James and Vanessa in a pool.

The racy footage will definitely shock many fans who are not used to seeing their favorite Liar entangled in such a risque predicament. It’s already a cause of great concern for parents of teen girls:

“While Ashley Benson may be a lovely young woman and a great actress, her comments about filming a threesome, without even one cautionary comment about the activity itself, add to the skewed and confusing portrayal the media puts out about sexual relationships,” said parenting expert Loni Coombs, author of “‘You’re Perfect…’ And Other Lies Parents Tell.” “As a fan of Seventeen magazine and a parent, I expect more of a magazine that holds itself out as an inspiration to young women.”

Nevertheless, according to Ashley, while it was an uncomfortable scene to shoot, it was what the gritty role demanded, and she and her colleagues were just doing their job. Here’s what she revealed about the ménage à trois:

“I’m really happy I had Vanessa to be there with me and James – he’s done this a million times, he didn’t make it awkward at all,” Benson told the Sun. “Vanessa and I were so thankful that we were so close and had each other because any intimate scene is very awkward, even kissing a guy on screen is awkward because you have people all around you filming as well as an audience.”

So how was the end result? Ashley critiques, “We just did it, and then it was done! But it turned out amazing.”

Watch the Spring Breakers trailer below and then drop us a comment telling us if you think you agree with the outraged parents or if you feel people overreacting considering Ashley was just doing what was required of her character.


  1. Anonymous Said:

    Yes, I agree with the outraged parents. And the question is, would you want your daughter to be involved in something like this? This is not a good example for teen girls.

  2. Kiwi Said:

    Well, that looks like a hideous movie. Why would any talented, beautiful actress want to star in that? Money? Or maybe due to a fear of being type-cast as wholesome?

  3. Sosie Said:

    These girls act nasty and raunchy. Why? Do they want the world to see them as sex on a stick? Shame. Woman on screen always have to do this to sell themselves to the majority public.

  4. Kitty Said:

    Although I am a bit disappointed to see Ashley, Selena and Vanessa in such roles, I believe any “outrage” is simply ludicrous. Whether or not you agree with or support their choices to be in this film is moot. These women make their own choices in determining the roles they are willing to play. These choices are based solely on their personal values and morals, not what the public desires or expects of them. The public, in fact has no place whatsoever to judge these actresses or their decisions.

  5. Jasmine Said:

    Harmony Korine is a visionary and a cinematic genius! All the young fans will be disappointed when they see this film, I’m sure and the suburban parents will be afraid, just as much as they were when Korine’s “Kids” hit the theatre. Benson is fortunate to have been a part of Spring Breakers. It’s an amazing, hilarious, eye-popping film. Hope everyone can watch it and love it or at least appreciate it.

  6. Jasmine Said:

    Watch the Spring Breakers Press Conference back at the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2012. Film is art.

  7. Carol Said:

    So sad to see what is being put out for teens today to watch. Ashley should never of lower her strand for this crappy movie. None of these girls should of been use like this. No wonder young adults are so messed up. I use to read you when I was a teen. I hope this movie never makes it to light of day and puts who ever made it into bankrupty so he can never exploit young women again.

  8. Theo Said:

    Hi, @Carol! I just wanted to point out that Pretty Little Liars isn’t connected to the movie in anyway aside from Ashley starring in it. We just wanted to pose the question for discussion. Thanks for your honest and thoughtful response!

  9. Teresa Said:

    Everyone needs to understand that the cast of Pretty Little Liars are old enough to make their own decisions. Not one of the girls on set are teenagers, other than “Alison”… They are all in their 20’s. If they want to make “racy” movies, let them; It’s their life. If they can’t be the pretty little liar you want them to be their whole life. The show is eventually going to come to end and then what are they supposed to do? I think everyone needs to get over it.

  10. Mikaykay Said:

    I can’t believe Ashley has stooped to this level. Although, me being a teenage, the movie seems kind of cool EXCEPT FOR THAT RAUNCHY SEX SEEN EEEEWWW!!!!!!. Maybe just maybe ill see it. This movie doesn’t seem her type.
    whatever, she probably did it for the money.


  11. Nina Said:

    I don’t understand why this new movie is such a big deal… I watched the trailer, I’ve read plot summaries… Sounds crappy.

  12. courtney Said:

    It’s called acting. On Pretty Little Liars Ashley Benson plays Hanna Marin.. it’s just a fictional character. Actors/actresses always expand their horizon to different parts. Tyler Perry went from Madea to playing Alex Cross, Jim Carrey went from always playing in something funny such as Liar Liar or Bruce Almighty to a more serious role such as The Number 23. They’re just acting. PLL is a fictional show and she plays a teen. I wish people would stop comparing her to a fictional character

  13. VIctoria Said:

    First of all if all your children have to look up to is teenage actresses then you should be worried about your parenting, second the movie is rated R so if any of your TEEN girls under the age of 18 are going to see it they you should probably re-evaluate yourself as a parent. Also for all of you out there who act like sex is invisible, news flash if your daughter is over 18 she has probably already had a 3some herself or at least isn’t a virgin:) GOOD LUCK!!!

  14. CKENN19 Said:

    Anne Hathaway and Jodie Foster took the same route. It’s called acting. Careers required a variety of performances. Hathaway and Foster have Oscars that prove that they had guts and panache when it counted. This movie has been reviewed very well. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Disney pukes out Shirley Temples on a daily basis.

  15. fugautodotrer Said:

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  16. Maddie Said:

    Keep in mind that Ashley and Selena and Vanessa and even Rachel CHOOSE this movie. They decided on being a part of it. Anyone who’s afraid of it should shut up. It’s a masterpiece! The filming is excellent and it’s making fun of those people that came to the theatre expecting some 21 and over type thing. But, if you’ve seen the movie, its a beautifully tragic view on today’s youth who don’t see these consequences. So calm down, it’s a movie not a bomb.

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