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Just in case we all aren’t having too much trouble answering the question that started a series (Who is A?), Pretty Little Liars has given us another: Who is Bethany Young?

During the shocking, amazing and explosive 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars, it was revealed that the girl buried in Alison’s grave that night was Bethany Young.

The way they all looked at each other after that name was dropped pretty much covers it: Who the hell is that?!

After that, information kept swimming in and with the help of our favorite hot teacher (and E. Lamb), we’re getting answers. It’s apparent that Bethany knew Mrs. D since she drew a picture of her dying in the DiLaurentis garden (with exquisite detail, might I add). She went to Radley, meaning she most likely crossed paths with Eddie Lamb, Wren or someone else unknowingly.

But dolls, this is Pretty Little Liars. What that means is that we won’t have a definite answer on this for a very, very long time. All we have until then are our questions and theories.

With that being said, these are some of the best theories/reactions surrounding Bethany Young. Get thinking, dolls:


Valid question. How many times have people sprung back to life on this show before?!



Killing two birds with one stone! First, we’ve got the idea that Bethany knew A’s identity and paid because of it. But, then we’ve got the idea that Melissa killed her. Since two plus two equals four, I suppose this person might be implying that Melissa is A.



I feel ya, girl. My full name is in the first Pretty Little Liars book (page 49 to be exact, not that I remember or anything..) and I felt like a rockstar.



Tell us how you really feel!



I suppose the age old saying isn’t true. Seeing as how many are either murdered or stalked, I guess blondes don’t have more fun. Beware!



Remember that time everyone thought Wren could be A? Yeah, it turns out even from London, he’s still not in the clear.



Having a creative imagination is one thing, but Bethany drew the DiLaurentis backyard with amazing accuracy, which obviously means she’s seen it before.



What I love about this theory is that someone is finally offering a legitimate explanation behind the twin theory. This explanation also happens to make a ton of sense.



Looks like someone is doubting Spencer’s investigative skills (with good reason, though).


Tell us dolls, who do you think Bethany Young is? Sound off in the comments!


  1. Caro21110 Said:

    She is Alison’s tween. Like in the book.

  2. Leslie Castro Said:

    Im stuck with Melissa or wren being A. Today melissa was close to telling spencer a secret in the kitchen and stopped herself , then wren we saw him coloring possibly one of Bethany drawings found at radley and possibly tryed to cover his track’s by saying mona is dangerous to spencers mom . #prettylittleliarstheory

  3. Ciara c Said:

    They aren’t following the twin theory like in the books. At least not with Alison. I think its CECES sister or twin, because it was hinted in interviews that SOMEONE may have a twin, just not Alison, and we all know that CECE and Alison used to pretend to be eachother.

  4. Lexi Said:

    I think Spence has a twin cuz she was never born from Mrs. Hastings, it would explain why Mrs. D was gonna turn her in.

  5. bianca Said:

    Wait so veronica hastings isn’t really Spencers mom?

  6. sara Said:

    I think that bethany was jasons twin, which would also make her half sister to spencer and melissa, melissa knows thats melissas secret and thats why her dad is being so sketchy as well. I think Ali is crazy and always has been and i think she manipulated and got betthany sent to radley I think they were all young children and jason may not even remeber.

  7. sara Said:

    the sketch of the mosnter taking the little girl away from the little boy, all the other twin clues but producers say it wont be alis twin. I think bethany escaped and fought ali thats why Ms.D barried ali but bethany lost in the end. I think ali is A and this whole thing is a mind game shes playing against everyone I also think she will try and frame the girls for bethanys death when the truth comes out.

  8. Ashley Said:

    I think that Bethany being Ali’s twin would explain a lot. Remember Ali’s story on halloween when the twins were fighting over a doll and one twin killed the other one to get it? All i know is anything on PLL is important

  9. zee Said:

    If you look at all the flash backs from that night Alison had a necklace on and a ring and arm bracelet plus her alison bracelet and her hair were curly. The girl who Garret faked killing had more straight her and none of the accessories that Alison had on when she left the girls.Therfor i do believe there in the twin theory even if marlene king said she would not have a twin like in the books.But she also said mona would not be a but mona was on the a team. Compare the 2 girls.not the same girl

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