Pretty Little Liars Book 15: First Look at the Cover Art for Toxic! (EXCLUSIVE)

We know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…but how could resist when the cover art for Pretty Little Liars Book 15 by Sara Shepard is so darn gorgeous?

So what clues do we spy with our little eyes? Well, set against a light purple backdrop are swirls of yellow, the title Toxic, and Emily Fields hanging tough in her usual athletic gear. She’s wearing pink pants, a lilac shirt, and a pair of comfy-looking sneakers. (So athletic yet chic.) Best of all, her arms are crossed which means “A” better watch out because the new and improved Em means business. No more Miss Nice Girl!

Take a look below for an exclusive glimpse of Toxic, loves:

Pretty Little Liars book cover for Toxic by Sara Shepard

PLL Book #15

And what’s a proper PLL cover reveal without an official description to tease all the upcoming D-R-A-M-A? The Liars, especially Emily, are itching to give A a deadly taste of her own medicine poison and we’ve got all the juicy details below! Enjoy:

High school is over for Rosewood’s four prettiest liars . . . but A’s reign of terror isn’t. In their last summer in Rosewood before college, Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer must pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Thanks to A, they’ve lost everything: their college acceptances, their boyfriends and girlfriends, and in Emily’s case, even her family.

But for the first time ever the girls know who A is, and that A is finally working alone. It’s four against one, meaning the odds are in their favor. They’re going to end this toxic cycle once and for all.

If only it was that easy. A has been watching these girls for years and knows them better
than they know themselves. Whatever A wants, A gets, and A isn’t ready for the game for be over.

Clearly, there is never any rest for the wicked in Rosewood…

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  1. maggie Said:


  2. Destiny Said:

    Can’t wait to read<3

  3. Sarah Said:

    I hope it comes out soon, I want to read it!!

  4. Randa Said:

    I love the cover! And Emily’s outfit *_*
    As for the books, is it really necessary to wright more than 10 books? I’m just hoping it doesn’t get dragged! But I’m still happy the series won’t end with Deadly ;D

  5. Leah Said:

    I’m actually really happy right now! There’s most likely going to be a book after this so all the arcs have 4 books and I hopes she calls it diobolical. I’ve been hoping she’d name one of her books that since I started the series.

  6. Victoria Said:

    Please be the last one!!! i’m broke i can’t afford joy.

  7. Clara Ayala Said:

    Pink capris are not particulrly atetic and they also make the cover doll character look freakishly disproportionel.

  8. Kevin Said:

    There’s one final book after Toxic. And maybe another Pretty Little Secrets type book.

  9. andrea Said:

    I am going crazy wait for toxic to come out!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jasmine Burgin Said:

    I am so excited for Toxic to come out, i just recently finished Deadly and after that ending, and there not being a note from -A at the end i thought it was over. But I just found out this was coming out and it comes out 2 days before my birthday :) so freakin happy right now!!!

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