Exclusive: Ali’s Pretty Little Lies Book Cover Revealed!

Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, and Emily Fields have all graced the covers of Pretty Little Liars books—as dolls and models. But, Ali DiLaurentis? Never.

Until now, that is. Can you keep a secret? Then sneak a peek below:

Ali's Pretty Little Lies Book Cover

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

We’ve got your exclusive look at Ali’s Pretty Little Lies, Sara Shepard’s juiciest novel yet. So what makes this book so special? First off all, it features none other than the doll version of the prettiest little liar of them all: Rosewood’s very own queen bee, Alison DiLaurentis. And for the first time ever, you’ll get to hear the story of Ali’s friendships with Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily from Ali’s perspective. Was she just using the Liars? What really happened at that sleepover in seventh grade? Did she know that someone wanted her dead . . . and was it someone none of us ever suspected?

Mark your calendars for January 2nd 2013, lovelies, because that’s when this highly-anticipated novel will be released. Stay tuned to prettylittleliars.com for exclusive excerpts and interviews with Sara Shepard about Ali’s Pretty Little Lies.

Want to gossip about the cover? Post in comments! Just remember: nobody likes a liar—especially A.


  1. Apllsecret Said:

    Love it! I met Sara and she talked about the idea for this book! So happy!!!!

  2. arianne Said:

    omg, im sooo excited

  3. MacKenzie_Liar Said:

    I’m so excited. But first I have to finish Ruthless. I couldn’t find it in Barnes and Noble): and i was so excited so now i have to look again to make sure they got it! if not i will ask my friend if i can barrow her’s if she read that one! Hopfully! this way i’ll save money but i also wanna buy it so when im like a mom or grandma i can give it to my children or grandchildren and be like this was my ultimate fav. show and book, you must read it(: ! -M

  4. sarah_sarinha2011 Said:

    OMG!!!! That girl will be on the back cover? OH MY GOD, HAVE TO BE THE SASHA!! SHE IS THE PERFECT ALISON!

  5. sarah_sarinha2011 Said:

    Guys I apologize for the bad English, but please think many fans like me! Sasha Pieterse has to be the model of the back cover! She is perfect! She is the real Alison! Please!!

  6. DariLuvspll522 Said:


  7. dinkydas48 Said:

    ive never EVER been so excited about a book before. lol!!!! yay cant wait til its out

  8. PrettyLittleAsya Said:


  9. PLLfan200 Said:

    Im so exited! This will be one of the best books yet! I cant wait to here about the sleepover after 7th grade from alis point of view….!

  10. Naomi Said:

    This is gonna be a great PLL book! Can’t wait!! :D

  11. sarah_sarinha2011 Said:

    WE WANT!!!!

  12. Jada121xx Said:

    omg! can’t waitfor this book to come out. I’m a fan of the show and the books.

  13. stephanieluiz Said:

    two words… SASHA PIETERSE!!!! BEST ALI EVER! she must be on the book

  14. stephanieluiz Said:

    I LOVE Ali!!!

  15. plliar99 Said:

    for some reason it came out early where Iive. Serious, I’m for real I got it for christmas from Chapters. There is no one on the back. But i think it’s still the best PLL book yet. I seriously have read it already. It was so good.

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