Exclusive Interview: Brendan Robinson Talks Feels So Good and Pretty Little Liars!

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In need of a good laugh today? Head on over to Hulu and check out Brendan Robinson’s new movie, Feels So Good.

Here’s the plot line of the movie (a Vuguru original): Allan, played by Brendan, is a high school geek with a big problem: he doesn’t exactly hit it off with the ladies. Luckily his new neighbor, Zack (played by Matt Shively), takes Allan under his wings to teach him how to score with the babes — but it’s not as easy as it sounds though. Obstacles such as mafia bosses, cops, and bullies” constantly get in their way. (Psst! Check out a hilarious clip from the movie here.)

I recently got the chance to chat with the talented Pretty Little Liars actor, and he was nothing short of enthusiastic about his new film. As Brendan described it, this is a “teen sex comedy, in the vein of American Pie and Superbad.” But, there is a major difference: the friendship. So much spirit went into it! “We tried really hard to deepen the dynamic between Allan and Zack. We needed to make sure there was a real arch to their relationship,” Brendan said.

Elaborating on what else makes Feels So Good stand out in the “teen sex comedy” genre, he explained that the movie takes place all in one night and compared it to blockbusters. “Josh, our director, was telling me it’s like when you do an action movie, you never want to do the same stunts from another movie because you never want to copy anything else. It’s the same in comedy too, you never want to see the same jokes or gags done more than once or done in a different way and I think that we accomplished that,” he said.

And Brendan is definitely not kidding about that; each entertaining scene makes you want to burst out laughing! So, which one was his favorite to film? “There’s a scene at the Lang twins house when we’re in their backyard and Matt (who plays Zack) and I were doing this strip tease thing, which was improvised. Josh just let the cameras roll. I could not keep a straight face because Matt has got brilliant comedic chops. I think you can see in the movie that I turn around because I’m laughing. It worked out pretty well because it looks like I was turning around because I was embarrassed, which is totally the character,” Brendan said.

Both Lucas and Allan are high school students, so naturally we had to ask Brendan what he was like during his teen years. According to him, he attended an extremely small high school (the school had 80 students total and only 16 were in his graduating class!) and because of the size “you end up knowing everyone’s business.” He then went on to describe his high school self as studious and “academic.” Thankfully though, unlike Feels So Good, the smart kids weren’t shunned or teased in his town.

And when he’s not acting on the big screen? Brendan’s on a little show you might have heard of called Pretty Little Liars, in which he plays lovable geek, Lucas Gottsman. When discussing his character, Brendan said, “It’s been such an honor and very flattering that the writers have given me this huge arch over five whole seasons. Throughout the course of the series, he becomes more and more dark.”

Viewers hadn’t seen Lucas in a while (up until the 100th episode), so I just had to ask: WTH has Lucas been up to? “I spoke with Marlene [King], our executive producer, before we started shooting Season 5 and we talked a little bit about what Lucas has been up to since he went away and was hiding out in his bedroom. As we can see, he kind of went through a transformation, both physically and mentally. We talked about it; it wasn’t by accident. It was something that was very deliberate. He wanted to change himself and change the way that people saw him,” Brendan explained.

Another significant part of Lucas’ transformation that not only had Hanna freaking out but viewers as well, is that he now has a love interest! Laughing, Brendan coyly hinted, “I would like us to meet Lucas’ girlfriend. I think he actually has a girlfriend. I think we might meet her later this year or later in the season. I’m very curious to see what’s going to happen with that.” (Let the dream casting begin, dolls!)

What else does Brendan want to see happen for Lucas? A rekindling of his friendship with Hanna! “I’d also like to see Hanna and Lucas go back to that platonic, male female relationship they had. I think it was really sweet and it brought out some different sides of Hanna that are interesting.” Discussing Hanna and Caleb’s “rocky” relationship and all of the changes it’s been going through, he adds that Hanna could use Lucas as a friend. He teases, “I wouldn’t be totally surprised if we got to see Lucas become Hanna’s confidant again, like he was in the first season,” he said.

Of course though — relationships aside — Pretty Little Liars revolves around one major question: Who is A? When I pressed Brendan for clues, he gave two theories: a realistic one and a humorous one. “I think that Melissa is definitely a strong possibility,” he mused. He also reasoned that perhaps Mr. Hastings is A (after all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the shady tree) or that Mrs. D was in on it too before her untimely death. For his off-the-wall guess, he gave an amazing response that had me cracking up. “Holly Marie Combs and Chad Lowe, who play Ella and Byron. They’re in on it together with Mike and Mona. Maybe they’ve told Aria, but she decided not to tell the rest of the girls and is just playing dumb.” A ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ scenario with the Montgomery parents? That would definitely be a far-fetched yet thrilling plot twist!

As our interview came to a bittersweet close, I asked Brendan what’s next on his slate of projects. From the sounds of it, he has a jam-packed schedule this fall! Not only is Brendan working on a play called Meet & Greet (which runs from August 3rd to September 21st in Los Angeles), but he’s also helping out fellow PLL cast mate Linsdey Shaw! “I’m doing a short film called Future Unknown that Lindsey and her friend, Ryan Hutchins, are co-directing together. We shoot that next week; I love getting the chance to work with her,” he raves. (Find out more details about this coming-of-age movie about life-defining choices, by visiting this site!)

“I’m having fun doing different things and testing my range,” he pointed out at the end of our wonderful discussion. “We’ll see what the rest of the year brings my way.” If the first part of the year is any indication, our guess is you’re going to keep doing amazing things all the way through!

Stay connected with Brendan Robinson by following him on twitter at @brendanrobinson ,and by catching him on Pretty Little Liars every Tuesday night at 8pm ET on ABC Family and in Feels So Good, available now on Hulu!

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