Spice Up Your Fitness Routine With the Pretty Little Liars Cast

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Want to get in shape for summer? Break out of your normal gym routine with some inspiration from the cast of Pretty Little Liars! Lucy Hale loves to bring her maltipoo with her on hikes in the canyons. Troian Bellisario’s favorite hiking spot is Giffith Park in Los Angeles.  She calls it a “beautiful excuse to get away from the city.” But if you’re not really feeling a hike, opt for a bike ride, like Shay Mitchell! Her favorite route is from Venice to Santa Monica on the boardwalk.  “Also, they have this outdoor jungle gym in Santa Monica, and there are these huge, long ropes—I feel like they are like 30 feet, maybe a little bit more—and you climb them using nothing but your arms and legs.

Shay’s workout sounds pretty tough to us. Are you up for the challenge? Share your favorite outdoor workout routines in the comments!


  1. Ruby Said:

    I like to ride my scooter around in the fall when it’s nice and cool outside.

  2. Hollie!xoxo Said:

    I go bike riding, too! But I don’t look like Shay Mitchell…

  3. Lea Said:

    I jog on weekends with my dog… ^_^

  4. PLL'S #1 FANN♥ Said:

    i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shay mitcheel (shannon mitchell)

    I loveeeeeeeee lucy hale and TROIAN BELLISARIO♥

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