Brendan Robinson Talks Lucas, Pretty Little Liars Season 2 and ‘A’ Suspects (Exclusive)

Lucas Gottesman - Pretty Little LiarsYou know who we haven’t seen in a while on Pretty Little Liars? Lucas Gottesman! After taking Hanna Marin on the creepiest boat ride known to man (save for the Titanic) and gambling away Caleb River’s hard-earned hacker cash, Lucas disappeared into oblivion never to be seen or heard from again. But, shh, can you keep a secret? Lucas is returning to Rosewood for more thrills and chills in the mind-blowing Pretty Little Liars season 2 finale, “unmAsked”. And, on an even more exciting note, he’s going to be involved in some riveting drama come season 3. So, does this all mean that Lucas could potentially be ‘A’? Well, that’s one secret we’ll never tell but, luckily for you, Brendan Robinson was kind enough to drop some new clues about episode 2.25 in our exclusive interview with him. Enjoy, pretties!

Pretty Little Liars: First off, we just want to say that we’re so excited to be seeing more of Lucas on season 2!
Brendan Robinson: Me too! I’m very excited as well. And you know, it’s interesting, I’m very flattered that the writers have given me kinda this big arc – particularly in season two – Lucas is very different from where we saw him in season one, um, and, you know, it’s just kinda an honor that they write something totally different from where they started at the beginning so it’s been fun for me too.

Pretty Little Liars: Looking back on season 2, which episode was your favorite to film?
Brendan Robinson: Definitely the episode on the boat – that was a big one for me. Usually what happens, because we’re an ensemble show, not everybody films every single day there are several different story lines going on in one episode. But, in that episode, I got to film every single day since the focus was on Lucas. Moreover, as a viewer it’s been my favorite to watch. Also, I really enjoyed working on the finale which is going to air on March 19th. The sets in that episode are so beautiful and the way that they shot it was wonderfully cinematic – it looks like a movie, like a short one hour movie.

Pretty Little Liars: So, should we expect Caleb and Lucas to reconcile? Or is there bad blood between them now that Caleb knows Lucas gambled away his money?
Brendan Robinson: Well, Caleb is still rooming with Lucas. But, I think it was pretty well set up in that final scene that Caleb understands that Lucas wasn’t necessarily stealing from him, if that makes sense. I guess, as the actor, what my understanding was is that Lucas was only trying to help Caleb and he thought that by gambling his money he might be able to make more and kinda help out everybody but it turned out not so much. However, at least from my understanding as Brendan, I think that Caleb kind of understood that. So I think that they’re gonna be okay. Hannah on the other hand may be more difficult.

Pretty Little Liars: Do you think lLucas will be able to regain Hanna’s trust, especially after she thought he was ‘A’?
Brendan Robinson: That’s a good question and to be totally honest with you I don’t know. I know that sounds totally bizarre to say but, I don’t know. I think that, in that particular episode, Hannah’s very focused on Lucas as ‘A’ or A’s helper. It’s all still very much up in the air and I don’t want to give anything away. I think it was just a surprise to her because she was totally expecting something else in that scene that it may take a while for her to process, you know, that Lucas might not be bad but also not as good as she though. I will say this — Lucas is a great character to play. Bad is very fun to portray but, at the same time, I’ve gotten a lot of tweets and feedback from the viewers where there like “no we like sweet Lucas better” so we’ll see what happens.

Pretty Little Liars: Will there be any flashbacks of Lucas at any point this season?
Brendan Robinson: The storyline is focused on different things at the moment so I’m not quite sure. I’ve talked to Marlene and she likes to give little hints to us [the cast] about what sorts of ideas she’s been brainstorming. I guess the challenge with this show is there’s only a limited amount of time and there’s so many characters and we only have the hour each week to kinda move the story forward. So for the time being, I’m not aware of any upcoming flashback scenes.

Pretty Little Liars: Viewers have been making some really great predictions as to who ‘A’ is! Whose your top suspect?
Brendan Robinson: I’m really hoping it’s going to be a team of people. I think that would be really interesting.

Pretty Little Liars: Do you think one of the Liars could be ‘A’?!
Brendan Robinson: Funny you should ask that! Troian, who plays Spencer on the show, has said —- by the way we talk about this all the time about like “who could it be” or “wouldn’t it be really cool if so and so ended up being A” – I know that she’s said it would be interesting to have one of the four girls be A and that they were just kind of playing along the whole time. Personally, I think that that is a genius idea and would be really fun. But it’d be exciting if it ended up that ‘A’ was actually a whole network of people! 

Pretty Little Liars: So many suspects — it can literally be anyone!
Brendan Robinson: Right! Even the parents or something could be in on it as well.

Pretty Little Liars: We know that Marlene and the creative team like to insert little clues here and there. Have you personally noticed any intriguing clues in any of the episodes?
Brendan Robinson: This season is definitely much darker than last season! But yes, we’ve featured a few tributes to Hitchcock along the way including the bell tower scene [between Spencer and Ian]. That was a tribute to Vertigo and Norman Buckley, he’s a director of at least 10 Pretty Little Liars episodes, maintains a blog called the Buckley Bulletin [] and he posts about what goes into each episode. It’s fascinating how he and Marlene and the creative team of our show like to sneak in subtle homages to noir pieces whether it be old noir movies or paintings. We’ve had a couple of shots, particularly in [Norman’s] episodes, where there have been re-stagings of classic paintings. So it’s really interesting. A lot of thought goes into the tone of our show. So if anybody, any viewers or anybody is interested in learning a little bit more about the tone and how they they like to fit in this noir element to it, I guess one little hint is that we give, you know, shout outs to Hitchcock movies and that they should check out Norman’s blog.

If you could ask Brendan anything about his Pretty Little Liars character or the epic season 2 finale, what would it be? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to follow Brendan Robinson on twitter @BrendanRobinson for exciting PLL news!


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