The Pretty Little Liars Cast Members Before They Were Stars

Before the stars of Pretty Little Liars landed in Rosewood, they made their mark on a number of other series. Check out our Before-They-Were-Liars gallery!

Janel Parrish

Prior to becoming mean girl Mona, Janel Parrish made her big screen debut playing Jade in the 2007 film Bratz. Photo Credit:

Sasha Pieterse

In 2002, Sasha Pieterse aka Allison DiLaurentis broke onto the scene playing Buffy Davis in the short-lived but much beloved family sitcom Family Affair. Photo Credit:

Torrey DeVitto

Torrey DeVitto hasn't always been a member of the Hastings family. In 2008, she found herself playing the role of Carrie on the popular CW series One Tree Hill. Photo Credit: TV Equals

Lucy Hale

In 2005, Lucy Hale took on her first television role as Amy Cassidy in the Nickelodeon show Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Photo Credit:

Ashley Benson

Before she was Hannah Marin, Ashley Benson took on the role of Candice in the Nickelodeon boarding school series Zoey 101. Photo Credit:

Shay Mitchell

Although Shay Mitchell caught her big break playing Emily Fields, the actress manged to score a few smaller parts early in her career such as a role in the television police drama Rookie Blue. Photo Credit:

Troian Bellasario

Long before she started lying, Troian Bellasario earned one of her first screen credits on the sci-fi show Quantum Leap . Photo Credit:

Have you seen any of the Pretty Little Liars cast member’s previous movies and shows? Leave a comment below!


  1. Naomi Said:

    I saw Bratz and I always loved to watch Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and Zoey 101 :)

  2. igottheemo Said:

    Ashley benson was also on Bring it on; in it to win it
    and Lucy Hale was on Sorority wars in which both of the movies the Pretty little liars were awesome!!!!!!!!

  3. rebecca taylor Said:

    i saw amy cassidy ARIA in a movie on netflix, a horror movie and haley duff was the killer. i cant rememr thenamim gonna go look it up

  4. Kristin Said:

    Ashley Benson was also on Days of Our Lives. The actors who play Emily’s parents were both on Young and the Restless and the actor who plays Hanna’s dad was also on Days of Our Lives

  5. Yzoja Said:

    Ali was super cute!

  6. Julie Said:

    Ali was also in Sharkboy and Lavagirl she looked really cute

  7. Emily Said:

    Torrey was also in Drake and Josh.

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