Pretty Little Liars Cast & Crew Encourage Fans To Vote on Election Day 2012

Spencer Hastings - Red, White, and BlueThe 2012 U.S. presidential election has been an intense experience, full of unforgettable debates, campaign moments, and speeches. Both leading candidates — Mitt Romney (Republican) and Barack Obama (Democrat) — have expressed their stance on important issues affecting the nation, and on November 6, 2012 citizens of the United States will finally have the opportunity to make their opinion count and vote for the leader they feel is best suited to take over Executive Branch responsibilities.

However, the key word here is VOTE, which is an amazing right we should all embrace. And the patriotic Pretty Little Liars cast and crew members understand how crucial each vote is — regardless of who you support — and taking advantage of this freedom is essential. Thus, they’ve rallied on Twitter to encourage their fans and followers to hit up the voting booths today and help elect a fitting leader!

Check out inspirational photos and messages from Keegan Allen, Torrey DeVitto, Troian Bellisario, Marlene King, Julian Morris, and Shay Mitchell in the gallery below, and tell us if you’re planning on voting this year in the comments!

Vote, Get Sticker

Another bonus of voting - aside from influencing an important election? Pretty little stickers as Troian Bellisario oh-so-excitedly demonstrates!

Photo Credit: Troian Bellisario via twitter at @sleepinthegardn

If Shay Could, Shay Would

Being Canadian isn't stopping Shay Mitchell. She voices her opinion about a country she's come to love. You go, girl!

Change Things Up

Throwback time! Julian Morris kept the spirit of election day 2012 alive by sharing a photo of him at a rally for the President four years ago.

Photo Credit: Julian Morris via twitter at @ju1ianmorris

Encourage Your Parents To Vote!

Keegan Allen celebrates Spoby Day AND Election Day.

Just Do It

Troian posted this awesome photo to remind fans to hit up the voting booths and to embrace the freedom to vote! "Do it America!" she cheered.

Photo Credit: Troian Bellisario via twitter at @sleepinthegardn

Speak Up

Julian inspires his followers with a message that their votes count and to be heard!

Think Before You Vote

Keegan Allen tweets sound advice: "Go vote with all your heart...but bring your brain too."

Simple But True

Torrey DeVitto keeps it short and sweet. She tweeted the photo above along with the message: "Vote!"

Photo Credit: Torrey DeVitto via twitter at @torreyjdevitto

A New Day, A New Election

"Rise and shine, East Coast. Vote vote vote. Be heard!" Marlene King enthusiastically tweets!


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