Golden Globes 2013: Why Did Lena Dunham Thank Chad Lowe? (VIDEO)

Chad Lowe, Lena Dunham - 2013 Golden Globes

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To Pretty Little Liars viewers worldwide, Chad Lowe is a pillar of the Rosewood community due to his acting and directing talents. He’s well-known throughout the PLL fandom as Aria Montgomery’s smart yet sketchy father, Byron. However, to Lena Dunham — creator and star of the HBO series Girls — Chad is known as the poor fellow whose wife at the time, Hilary Swank, snubbed him of a proper thank you during her Oscar win in 2000 for Boys Don’t Cry.

It all began in the summer of 2012, when a fresh-on-the-scene girl named Lena, forgot to thank a writer during an interview with the New Yorker. Ashamed for neglecting a member of her entourage, she tweeted about her utmost regret and compared it back to the Hilary debacle in 2000: “Just like when Hillary Swank neglected to mention Chad Lowe at the Oscars! So wrong.” Chad spotted her tweet and responded how one day he’d love to work with her. She then commented with how he’d made her day and that she would one day thank him if she ever won an award.

Flash forward to January 13th, 2013. The dynamic actress took to the Golden Globes stage in Los Angeles to accept the award for Best Actress in TV Comedy/Musical…and, in the rush of shock and excitement, forgot to fulfill her promise. Chad didn’t forget though! He immediately tweeted at her, “Congrats to @lenadunham on your Golden Globe win. But, seriously? You forget to thank me?! After all we’ve been through? I’m shocked.”

Thankfully, Lena had a second chance to make things right. When she went up to accept the Best Television Comedy win, she finally gave Chad what he waited thirteen long years for — the greatest shout-out ever! “It took a village to raise this very demented child,” she joked, and then added, “I also promised myself that if I ever got this chance I would thank Chad Lowe. I promised my mother.”

When asked why she included Chad in her speech, Lena simply answered, “Because Hillary Swank forgot, and I’m an a**hole.” Chad, in return, referred to her as  “darling” and honored her with a compliment of the Jerry McGuire variety: “YOU COMPLETE ME.”

Watch the special 2013 Golden Globes moment unfold in the video clip below:

So tell us, lovelies: If you ever won a big award, which arbitrary person would you thank? Drop us a comment!

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