Check Out Ashley Benson’s Pretty Little Liars Dressing Room!

Ashley Benson, Picture by: Jen Lowery / Splash News

We ain’t lying when we say that Ashley Benson is one of our favorite young starlets. She’s like Bridget Bardot and Lucille Ball all up wrapped up into one stunning, talented, and seriously hilarious actress!

So you can only imagine how excited we were to spot a new video on her Facebook page. In this vid, she gives her fans an exclusive tour of her Pretty Little Liars dressing room. (We just love what she’s done with the place!) And O-M-G – we can’t believe what book she’s currently reading. We’re guessing Ashley enjoys a dark, twisted mystery just as much as the rest of us! 

Take a look around her cozy dressing room HERE or watch below:

After taking the Amazing Ashley Benson Tour, tell us what you liked most about her pretty little nook!

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  1. Asquared Said:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh hanna’s my all time fave character! first!

  2. Rebecca Said:

    She is soo gorgeous and ah-mazing. I love her in the Bring It On movie too!

  3. Immadancer Said:

    I KNOW! Hanna is my fave Liar! Then Spencer.

  4. ME Said:

    It wont let me watch the video for some reason. I bet it wasnt that big of a deal…

  5. Theo Said:

    @ME oh no :( Are you her fan on fb? You just have to like the page to watch the video (we had a similar complication to yours until we realized what we were doing wrong lol. The video is fun. We just like hearing her talk – she’s really energetic and her dressy room is lovely!

  6. Naomi Said:

    @Theo It’s not letting me watch the video either.

  7. Naomi Said:

    @Theo That’s ok, cuz I watched the video under the post comment. I also like Ashley’s room and Hanna is my favorite PLL character :)

  8. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Yup. Ashely is pree awesome ;D

  9. Johnny Dep Lover For Life Said:

    Ashley is my fave actress. She’s not my fave celeb, my fave celeb as you can tell is Johnny Depp. I love her leggings that she was wearing in the vid. She’s my fave character in PLL, and Spencer is my second favorite. She was AMAZING in her Christmas movie Christmas Cupid. Her style is so amazing! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  10. Johnny Depp Lover For Life Said:

    Ok, i realized I spelled Johnny Depp’s last name wrong! LOLZ I HAVE IT FIXED NOW!!
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  11. GreenDay's#1 Fan Said:

    @Johnny Depp Lover For Life: OMG I LOVE HIM TOO!! :)

  12. Annie Said:

    I love the sign in the background that says “Keep Calm and Carry On”! I have the same one in my room from Urban Outfitters! I also love the dark walls! I love you Ashley, great job with the show and I can’t wait to see more! Just finished PPL #9 and can’t wait for Never Have I Ever coming out August 2nd!

  13. Cheer Rocks Said:

    I know right i finished the 9th book also it was so good. I am not going to spoil anything so dont worry. Ya i really like her dressing room it is really nice. And even though she does not look her best she knows how to still be in style. I really love her stle. Keep it up Hanna. :)

  14. GreenDay's#1 Fan Said:

    @Cheer Rocks: do u know how many more books Sarah Shepard is writing?? I finished Twisted two weeks ago and on the ending it will have another book. I think that one was the best one so far. :) :) :) :) :)

  15. Kim Said:


  16. Theo Said:

    @Naomi Ashley is so energetic! Love seeing her videos!

  17. GreenDay's#1 Fan Said:


  18. LuvTheLiars Said:

    OMG Hanna is soo Awesome 7 pretty! not 2 mention beautiful!
    shes like my fav liar, only, out ranked by alison ;p
    also spencer is after hanna, then aria, lastly and sadly, emily ;p
    LUV THE LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Why the caps? jw..

  20. ME Said:

    @Theo, oh i dont hav a facebook… but its working now! :D

  21. Theo Said:

    @ME Were you able to see the vid? :)

  22. Andi Said:


  23. amanda Said:

    after watching the video. I realize how much Ashley and I have in common. shes my favorite

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