Countdown to Season 2: “A Person of Interest,” ep.119 recap!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "A Person of Interest" - Crying wolf to the cops only causes more trouble for Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. (ABC FAMILY/ADAM ROSE) TROIAN BELLISARIO, LESLEY FERA

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars series returns on June 14th. Until then, we’re recapping every juicy secret from Season 1. Are you ready for ep. 119, “A Person of Interest“? That’s what you become when you lose all your marbles.

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 119:

  1. Ashley Marin may be crazy enough to steal money from an old woman’s deposit box but she’s certainly not stupid. She knows something’s up with Hanna because the toilet seat is never down and food’s disappearing (in a house where the ladies consume mostly coffee). Her suspicions are confirmed when, upon returning home early, catches Hanna and Caleb locking lips. She’s upset and kicks Caleb to the curb. Eventually though, Ashley comes to her senses and welcomes him back with open arms. This time around, Caleb’s moving on up…to the guest room!
  2. For someone who’s all about smokey eyes and expensive dresses, Hanna sure enjoys roughing it. After Ashley kicks Caleb out, Hanna tells her mom off and runs after her boo. They end up camping out in the woods, where they engage is some hardcore secret spillage. (Hanna admits that she spent five summers at fat camp and Caleb’s reveals how his mom ditched him when he was five.)  And before you know it, Hanna and Caleb on giving into their raging hormones and getting it on. Finally, Hanna gives up her V-card. (Sorry, Sean. Guess “true love waits”… for a better man!)
  3. While Haleb’s busy frolicking, there’s trouble on the Ezria front. As far as Aria is concerned, Ezra is spending way too much time with Jenna as he helps her edit an essay submission. And, apparently, it’s A-mazing. Turns out that Jenna’s been writing about the tragic garage explosion and this freaks Aria out. What will Ezra think? Her guilt pecks at her until she finally breaksdown and reveals her big, bad secret to Ezra–about how Alison lit the garage on fire, not Toby. The big shocker here is that Ezra’s totally cool with it. (We guess nothing can faze a man who enjoys snogging his underage student.)
  4. Paige is not one to kiss and tell–she’s one to kiss and forget. After planting a big one on Em‘s pretty little lips in “The Badass Seed,” Paige is acting as though Gilderoy Lockhart performed a Memory Charm on her (aka like the kiss never happened). Emily’s confused and tries to confront her but Paige refuses to acknowledge their brief lip lock. However, Emily and Paige work out their differences over karaoke and their fun sing-a-along session leads to…a funner makeout session! Ultimately though, Paige is not ready to come parading out of the closet and Emily basically says, “Good for you but I’m not ready to crawl back in it.”
  5. Toby and Spencer finally kiss.  Their overnight stakeout may have been more about the mystery and less about the romance but, after getting a load of Toby’s 8 pack, Spencer’s reconsidering her priorities. True, their motel sleepover yielded minimal clues (save for the creepy flute recording in Room 214), but big picture here…Spoby kissed! Woo!

The Big Ta-Da: The Rosewood cops are out for blood…Spencer’s blood to be exact. They want to know why she lied about her relationship with Ian. (Uh-oh. Things are not looking for “Nancy Drew” Hastings! Her familia already thinks she’s loco.) She sends an “S.O.S.” text to her homegirls, but it’s too late because A is already on the prowl. Then, the girls receive the craziest text ever from A that reads, “BREAKING NEWS BITCHES: SPENCER HASTINGS, YOUR OWN PERSON OF INTEREST IN MY DEATH. -A.” (Gasp.)

Whose romantic evening did you like more–Hanna’s or Spencer’s? Tell us your biggest OMG moment from PLL ep 119, “A Person of Interest.”

(Remember to tune in for the ABC Family Season 2 premiere of Pretty Little Liars–right before the series premiere of The Nine Lives of Chloe King–on June 14th at 8/7c.)


  1. daizyann Said:

    mrs marran kicking caleb out! OMG!!!

  2. Sophiapearl Said:

    Totally Spoby’s!

  3. Poop Said:

    Biggest Shocker: I HAVE AN IDEA WHO A IS!!!!

    Go to the last like 2 minutes when they arrive at Spencers house after the text. Watch till end of episode. You will see A eating the popcorn and watching the video of Emily, Aria, and Hanna repeating the text. If you follow the angle of the camera it goes right at the House (idk if its Ali or Spencers house I cant tell) i think its spencers house. But the angle can only mean the video is being taken by a cop (Garrett probably), someone hiding in the bushes(doughtful), or someone from inside the house. If its Spencers house it could be Ian or Melissa, but I don’t think Ian is A so probably Melissa, or if its from Ali’s house it could be Jason. WOAH I FOUND THAT OUT:D I should get paid for this kind of stuff. Help me forward this to everybody!

  4. Poop Said:

    Forget the part about forwarding it. That was something I wrote in an email when I was too lazy to send it to more then one person :3

  5. Poop Said:

    I <3 the songchoice though. Glitter in the Air is my fav P!nk song…its beautiful!:D

  6. Theo Said:

    Did you see P!ink’s Grammy performance for Glitter in the Air? Stunning! Even A wouldn’t have anything negative to point out :)

  7. cause I said so Said:


  8. cookies n' cream Said:

    @ poop

    EZRA is amazing!!!!!!! best boyfriend ever!!!! <3


  9. hanna Said:


    But I have to admit that Spoby’s was nice too(:

    OMG Spoby sounds like a type of a POTATO(:

  10. ME Said:

    I liked Spencers better cuz theres was more innocent and im only saying that cuz my parents were sitting rite next to me. U do the math. AWKWARD.

    The biggest “OMG” moment was when A was watchin the video of them reading his/her txt at the end. LOVED THAT PART!


  11. Naomi Said:

    Hanna’s was even better. I like Spencer’s, but I’ve got to admit, Hanna’s was the best.

    Biggest OMG Moment: When at the end, A was watching the video of Emily, Aria, and Hanna getting that same text he/she sent.

  12. ME Said:

    I have to say. I was pretty surprised at how in Jenna’s story she put that it was Toby’s fault. I thought she would wanna pin it on Aria and the others but she didn’t. Well… Better for everyone! :)
    (Except Toby…)

  13. Kayla Said:

    I totally LOVED!!! Spencer’ s love moment way better cuz Toby’s soooo hot, sweet ,( gave her his shirt to where) and he’s smart and in just as much trouble as she is in, and he’s trying to help her befor he helps his self!!! Sooooo cute!
    The best !!!OMG!!! Moment was when……… The whol episode!!! It was soooo crazzy, interesting, loving, and scary!!!!!! I loveloveloved it I couldn’t bloom intill a cOmercial came On cuz I didnt want to miss a thing, so I wached it like 4 times and I got something new frOm it like every time!!!! I’m like shaking cuz I gt to c season to premere tomorrow( bell satalight channel 729) can’t wait!!!!!!!!! @ biggestPLLfanEVER!!!!!

  14. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Supposedly the season two primier episode is already out online? I’d this true???!!!!

  15. Lady GaGa Said:

    I’m on the edge, of glory
    And I’m hanging on a moment of truth,
    I’m on the edge of glory,
    And I’m hanging on a moment with you,
    I’m on the edge
    The edge the edge the edge the edge the edge the egde the edge
    I’m on the edge of glory
    And I’m hanging on a moment with you
    I’m on the edge with you !

  16. surfergirl12 Said:

    i have a weird question i hope someone can answer. in the beginning of the show when they show a girl’s eyes and lips and hands in a coffin, is that a real person or a manikin?

  17. Alyec Said:

    I definitely liked spencer’s night better than hanna’s. I totally agree with kayla ^^^^^. And the biggest omg moment was a spying on the girls, it was just downright creeepy!

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