Countdown to Season 2: “Know Your Frenemies”, Episode 113 recap!


ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars series returns on June 14th. Until then, we’re recapping every juicy secret from Season 1. Are you ready for ep. 113 “Know Your Frenemies”? The Liars seem to have plenty of those–watch out, girls!

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 113:

  • Ezra Fitz is an honorable man who obviously knows the difference between right and wrong. So when Noel Kahn comes sniffing around again for an easy A, Mr. Fitz puts a firm fist down. He refuses to be blackmailed by a student. (Being seduced by one though is totally fine!)  Ezra then asks Aria to meet him at his apartment, where he informs her that he will be resigning because he can’t deal with immoral Noel. They kiss passionately and she tells him she loves him.
  • Surprise! Ezra does not have to leave. (Aria does a happy dance.) The next day Noel Kahn finds himself in heaps of trouble for cheating. Turns out, someone planted midterm answers in his locker and then reported him. Hmm…wonder who the culprit could be. Perhaps A has a soft spot for illegal relationships.
  • A doesn’t seem to have a soft spot for Hanna though. The quicker Hanna’s broken leg heals the more vengeful A grows towards her. Of course A returns some of the money he/she stole from Hanna’s lasagna treasure box, and she’ll definitely get the rest back…at a price. In a moment of confusion, A offered Ezria hope and joy and now needs to restore the nature of evil back in Rosewood. Thus, poor Hannakins finds herself at Lucky Leon’s cupcakes having to scarf down half a dozen sweets of the “piggy” variety. To make matters worse, a bunch of guys sit at the table next to her and giggle at her misery. (A hot girl with a healthy appetite–what’s your problem, fellas?) After Hanna pays her dues, she goes to the bathroom to wash (and throw) up but changes her mind (thankfully not about washing though). Upon going to dry her hands, she discovers all the remaining money stuck to paper towel sheets. (For someone who has to be everywhere at once, A really knows how to put on a show!)
  • Most moms love seeing their children satisfied with life–not Mrs. Fields though. She’s still distraught about Emily and Maya’s lesbian lovin’ and when momma ain’t happy nobody’s happy. So while Emily and Maya are busy canoodling, Mrs. Fields ransacks Maya’s bag and finds…a joint. (GASP!) She then snitches and Maya’s parents decide that the only way to get their daughter over Mary-Jane is to send her to a 3-month juvie camp. Thus, the Emaya romance takes a bow and exits stage left…but not without a goodbye kiss!  Aria, Spencer and Hanna set up a candlelit date for the two lady lovers and they have one last feel-good time. Hooray!
  • Spencer must be aiming for a future career with the FBI because she’s doing a thorough investigation of the summer Ali pulled a Houdini. She keeps trying to find holes in Ali’s story about visiting her grandma the weekend before she disappeared. Spencer suspects that Ian and Ali spent the weekend together, so while Ian and Melissa are getting it on Marvin Gaye style, the girls snoop through Ian’s room searching for clues.

Big Ta-Da: A sends the girls a video. (Another home movie? Oh, A, you spoil us so.) This time though, it’s not of Ali flirting with the camera in Toby’s sweater. It’s of Ian killing Ali in a moment of rage, and we get a last glimpse of her friendship bracelet. Suddenly, the girls realize they are being watched (wow, took them long enough) and freak out. Unfortunately, they can’t escape the eagle eyes of their stalker. (Big Brother’s watching, Spence…so you may want to close the shades from now on.)

What was your favorite OMG moment from “Know Your Frenemies”? If you were A, what would you have made Hanna do to earn back the stolen Benjamins?


  1. toshiwoshi Said:

    first comment :)

  2. Naomi Said:

    I liked the part when Emily and Maya were dancing slowly at their candlelit date :) But it freaked me out when they showed the video A sent to the girls of Ian killing Ali.

  3. Lucy Said:


  4. Lilly Said:

    That video freaked me out and still does!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. PrettyLittleLiars:) Said:

    Lol. It was so mad when Mrs FIelds was nosy and went into Maya bag and sent her away, like what thee??

  6. AprettyLilLiar Said:

    I was sooooooo sad when my wittle Hannakins just sat down and began eating the piggy cupcakes. That was so mean of A!!!!

  7. Abby Said:

    ok so i was mad when i saw hannah eating the cupcakes…..IN FRONT OF GUYS!i just felt so bad for her!but i did think it was cute when they set up the secret date for emily and maya!

  8. Jessica Said:

    A bakery

  9. Singer Said:

    Emily and Maya were cute together!!!! Why did shehad to die? Or so I heard!!

  10. Alilover Said:

    My fav. OMG moment was when A sent the girls that video of Ian killing Ali!

  11. Stacey Said:

    Ezra is A wow unbelievable

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