LOL Video: Pretty Little Liars Cast Warns Against the Dangers of Binge-Watching

The Pretty Little Liars cast warns against the dangers of binge watching.While we can’t say that we have ever binge-watched Pretty Little Liars. (fact: we watch every episode live and DVR it so that we can replay it a couple more times because we’re cool like that), we are aware that many fans of the hit ABC Family series became addicted to all of Rosewood’s endless secrets and mysteries after an intense marathon streaming session via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or another online site. We admit this has also happened to us with other well-known cult classics (we may or may not be on the brink of penning a new memoir titled Watching Breaking Bad on A Sunny Friday Afternoon: The Mystery of the Missing Weekend) where we tuned into a show’s pilot to see what all the fuss was about and ended up falling into the rabbit hole of non-stop entertainment.

Binge-watching, friends, is an epidemic that ails television enthusiasts seeking new thrills and bored souls in desperate need of fun but to tired to get up off the couch, alike. This “ailment” is swiftly sweeping the nation and it’s high time someone warned against the dangers of the “online queue.”

Thankfully, Entertainment Weekly is on top of it! The pop culture publication rounded up a handful of stars from shows (such as Lost, How I Met Your Mother, Orange is the New Black, Parks and Recreation, and Veronica Mars) that are most likely to entrance viewers and keep them trapped in a motionless state of bliss as they sit and stare at a screen — transfixed by all the drama, chaos, and relationships unfolding before their very eyes. And obviously, this mean that Pretty Little Liars gang was included! “Having too many episodes at your disposal can be overwhelming and hazardous to your health,” Taylor Schilling (Piper from OITNB) states in a deadpan manner.

“You’ll start going crazy and start suspecting that everyone in the show is secretly A,” Shay Mitchell jokes. “Not just people on the show — people in your real life like your parents,” Ian interjects. (LOL! Oh the agony of being a PLL fanatic…) Want to hear the do’s and don’ts (STOP SPOILING ALL SHOWS VIA YOUR FACEBOOK UPDATES, YO!) of binge-watching? Hit the play button to hear the important safety tips that Keegan Allen, Ian Harding, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Janel Parrish, Sasha Pieterse, and more stars have for you.

Moment of truth: Which shows did you become addicted to right from the get-go? Which are your current guilty pleasures?


  1. Rand Said:

    I finished 10 years worth of TV in just 3 weeks. It was How I Met Your Mother. Shameless US and Breaking Bad were also great to binge watch.

  2. jasmine Said:

    Im guilty of binge watching orange is the new black watched both seasons in 3 days also binge watched dexter and bates motel and now true blood

  3. Aimee Said:

    I watched 6 seasons of gossip girl in 3 weeks! Woops!

  4. Hayley Said:

    Is this some comedy bit or something? No one is going to take this seriously, like come on, out of all the things celebrities could be raising awareness for they have this? I would like to see Ian Harding and Keegan Allen do the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise ALS awareness, not talk about binge-watching…

  5. Theo Said:

    Yes, Hayley, it’s a comedy bit. Don’t worry – it’s not actually a real PSA — they’re just joking around about binge-watching. :)

  6. Theo Said:

    @Rand I feel like you and I would get along — I’ve watched whole series in just weeks. Sometimes I rewatch them just for kicks. Oh boy. #NetflixProbs

  7. Theo Said:

    @jasmine Honestly it’s so easy to get sucked in lol!

  8. Therese Said:

    I watched 3 season of Teen Wolf i 2 days…. I’m a mess

  9. Kayla Said:

    I watch and re-watch Pretty Little Liars everyday. It’s my favorite show and Troian is my favorite.

  10. Sydnei Said:

    Guilty of binge watching Glee!

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