Enter ABC Family’s ‘A is Everywhere’ Pretty Little Liars Contest!

Pretty Little Liars A contestThere’s at least one pair of eyes on Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily at all times and those creepy peepers belong to the Pretty Little Liars‘ ‘A‘. And, as scary as it is, the mischievous texter is literally everywhere!

Just like the Liars, viewers have been spying suspicious ‘A’ sightings in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Did someone trace the letter A in the sand? Did you happen to spot the letter A in the clouds? Was an ‘A’ signature carved into your pumpkin pie? Well, ABC Family knows how jumpy A makes us all and they are acknowledging his/her ubiquitous powers with an awesome contest!

They are asking fans to submit photos inspired by spooky A sightings for the chance to win a trip for two to Los Angeles to visit the Pretty Little Liars set. Entrants can join the fun by uploading their photos to the official contest page, or to the PLL Facebook page, and by having their friends and family vote for them. The photo with the most votes wins the grand prize! (Plus, the top 50 photos receive a special edition Pretty Little Liars poster!) Exciting and sinister? Check and check!

And if you need some inspiration, check out some of our favorite A moments below:

A Jungle Red Dilemma

In Pretty Little Liars Season 1, A decided to trespass into Spencer's room and leave a message on her mirror: "IT WON'T BE THAT EASY BITCHES - A." Granted, A forgot the comma between "easy" and "bitches" (tsk tsk), but this note was super creepy. First of all, it showed that A has a complete disregard for private property and gorgeous furniture. Second, it proved that A would go as far as to ruin a perfectly good lipstick for the sake of terrifying the Liars...and us.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ ABC Family

Professional Party Decorator

You know in horror movies when the monsters move at their own leisure while their victims are running away from them at top speed? Well, A can definitely relate. The super b*tch is no rush, y'all! In the fashion show on PLL Season 2, A proved that not only can he/she infiltrate an exciting fashion show by tampering with a memorial slideshow (sorry, Allison!) but that he/she has enough time to stop and create pretty candle displays without anyone noticing. Woo! Go, A!

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ ABC Family

The Doll Collector

What's creepier than a broken down vintage doll? One that's chanting "follow me, end up like me" and propped up in a graveyard scene to resemble your best friend's murder. A may be crazy but she's one creeper with a knack for details!

Cereal Killer

Emily was having a tough week and all she wanted was to enjoy a nice, calm meal. Unfortunately for her, that was too unreasonable a wish because all she got was a spoonful of A's. Yep, that's right. A somehow managed to break into the school's stash of Alphabits and remove all the letters except for one. Can you guess which?

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ ABC Family

Cast Autographs

According to A , there's no such thing as privacy or sacred space. If A feels like you need punishment, a punishment you shall receive. However, even Rosewood's residential psycho can admit when he/she has crossed the line -- and when poor Hannakins fell victim to A's vicious hit and run, A left an apology note...ON HER CAST!

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ ABC Family

The contest ends January 23, 2012 so whip out those cameras and get ready to snap some proof  that A’s been lurking about your town! And don’t forget…Pretty Little Liars Season 2 returns on January 2nd with a mind-blowing all-new episode


  1. Taylor Said:

    How do you enter the contest?

  2. Theo Said:

    @Taylor Hi, Taylor! The links are in the post. You just have to upload an ‘A’ inspired photo to ABC Family’s contest page or facebook page for the contest.

  3. Claudia Przybylski Said:

    I would love to win this. But hey like i said before this isn’t up to me. My dream is to meet the Pretty Little Liars in person and if that can’t happen then i’ll try my best to find a way. I love the cast of Pretty Little Liars with all my heart <333

  4. ! Said:

    Goddammit! I saw a million As at school today but I didn’t have a camera! I’ll find one tonight though. Hopefully

  5. Naomi Said:

    I want to win this and I would love to meet the Pretty Little Liars in person! :)

  6. Claudia Said:

    When and How do u know who wins?

  7. Theo Said:

    Hi, @claudia! ABC Family is running the contest. There’s a link in the post that should direct you to the entry page that has the full set of rules! Good luck! :)

  8. jessica Said:

    i wish i would have known this sooner i have a great idea but know i dont have enough time to enter

  9. Theo Said:

    @jessica Hi, Jessica! The contest ends next week so hopefully that gives you enough time! :)

  10. serenyti Said:

    what do u do?

  11. 16kelsey Said:

    I missed it!!!!!!!!

  12. Faith-Anne Said:

    Meeting the cast of pll is my goal in life i love the show the dorecter and designer are very talented. Meeting the cast wouldbe like finding out who A is , i think everyone issssss so purrday . Anyway i hope you pick me as the winner also inmy name i have -A cuz its spelt like this Faith-Anne see that .


  13. Giggles Said:

    I am doing a bucket list project for school and meeting them is one of my dreams. I know the contest has ended but I was wondering when the winners got to meet the cast and where they meet them at. I went to the link and nothing was there. By chance do you know??

  14. Jessica Said:

    I would love to see pll in person it would be a dream!!

  15. Emily Said:

    Omg I’ve seen every episode at least twice and it’s my dream to meet the cast or even just visit the set

  16. Ali Said:

    The #1 thing on my bucket list is to meet the cAst of PLL And wAtch A filming of one of the shows! I know thAt I’m just like Any other fAn but I love I meAn love PLL And I’m hAving A pArty TuesdAy night to wAtch the fAtAl finAle! I’m soooo excited And cAn’t wAit!! :) <3

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