Pretty Little Liars Episode 4×18 Clip: Detective Holbrook Gives Hanna Her Shoes (VIDEO)

Hanna and Detective Holbrook in "Hot for Teacher" - Pretty Little Liars episode 4x18Detective Garbriel Holbrook feels terrible that he charged Hanna Marin’s mom Ashley with Wilden’s murder and then tried to have her sent to jail for life on account of man slaughter. His guilt is so significant that in “Bite Your Tongue,” upon spotting Hanna (Ashley Benson) browsing around a bookstore, Holbrook (Sean Faris) apologizes and even helps Hanna narrow down her choices by recommending his favorite James Patterson novel (which almost leads Hanna to a clue about who’s buried in Alison’s grave). Apparently though, that is not enough to regain Hanna’s trust and forgiveness so Holbrook, in an attempt to make amends with the gorgeous blonde, tries a different approach: he rifles through the evidence room…and returns all her designer heels!

In a new clip from Pretty Little Liars episode 4×18: “Hot for Teacher,” Holbrook is seen emerging from the police station with a bunch of boxes in tow and Hanna — who’s waiting in the parking lot — immediately rummages through them. She yanks out a pair of fierce, studded pumps and slips them on her feet. “I’ve missed you,” she coos at them, before adding, “I finally feel like I have feet again.” Holbrook watches the entire scenario play out in utter amusement and remarks, “I helped an old lady find her missing cat once. I don’t think she was half as happy.”

He then asks her how the books worked out and if she finished the one about the teeth, and Hanna’s pause is quite entertaining. How do you tell a law enforcer that you were knocked out with laughing gas by a crazy stalker who stole the dental patient records you had worked so hard to get your hands on? And how do you tell someone that this psychopath also stuffed a microscopic note into your tooth cavity? Hanna handles it with grace in our opinion. “That one kind of creeped me out,” she admits. “I’m gonna floss like crazy if it means I don’t have to go to the dentist for a while.”

Watch the rest of their interesting – and hilarious! – interaction in the Pretty Little Liars episode 4×18 clip below!

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 18: “Hot for Teacher” airs Tuesday, February 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. Be sure to tune in to the wildest episode yet!

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