Pretty Little Liars Episode 4×22: Mrs. DiLaurentis Sneaks Around Spencer’s Room (VIDEO)

Mrs. DiLaurentis sneaks around Spencer's room in Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 22: "Cover for Me."Mrs. DiLaurentis is A on Pretty Little Liars: True or false? While we obviously can’t divulge such precious information, we did compile a list of clues to support the theory. Our latest “Who is A” hunch is based on pure speculation though, because the psychopath’s identity will probably continue to remain a secret until the show’s writers hit us with the truth out of nowhere. That said, whether Mrs. DiLaurentis is the culprit or not, one thing is for sure: she’s creepier than a crate of Chucky dolls.


And you don’t agree with that statement, then you need to watch the spooky clip from Pretty Little Liars episode 4×22 below ASAP. In it, we see Spencer retreat to her room after a long, hard day of woodland workouts, arguments with her drug counselor, spinach smoothie-drinking and flashbacks of herself whacking Alison’s head with a shovel. You know, the usual. She notices a light on in Alison’s room in the DiLaurentis house and cautiously walks over to her window for a closer look because this chick is supposed to be in hiding, not lounging about in the comforts of her pink, suburban shrine. Unfortunately for Spencer, her spider sense must be busted because she fails to notice Mrs. DiLaurentis emerge from the shadows right behind her. It’s straight-up like a scene from the Halloween movie franchise when Michael Myers just pops up silently in the background and everyone goes about their business like nothing’s wrong — until he slashes them, that is. Luckily, Mrs. Hastings interrupts before Ali’s mom can do anything shady to our beloved Spencer.

Turn on all the lights (ALL OF THEM) in your house/apartment/cubicle and then press the play button to behold the eerie moment from “Cover from Me.”

We are not embarrassed to admit that we actually screamed the first three times of watching this scene. Mrs. D’s appearance is that alarming; she looks like a straight-up Stepford wife with her preppy outfit, perfect hair, and her cold, steely gaze. But, despite her obvious mental instability and all access pass to the Hastings home, do you think Ali’s mom was the one who dumped dirt all over Spencer’s fresh sheets? Is she capable of torturing four young girls? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Israel Said:

    Who could spencer have hallucinated the whole thing when she didn’t see mrs.d in her bedroom we did¿….?

  2. Fanzene Said:

    I think alison has an evil twin (or might even be the evil twin herself). Mrs. D was on her way to warn spencer about her dangerous daughter, so she will probably be dying in the next episode. Ali aka A… was making Spencer’s dress. Remember… Alison was into fashion. I know for a fact Toby and Mona are helping her. Mona might be playing both sides. We’ll see. Damn! Gotta love this show!

  3. Theo Said:

    @Israel The same reason Rosewood turned black and white for a night.

  4. Fifi.wik Said:

    could Miss D and Mrs hasting be twins?they do look quite similar,or secret twins.

  5. grace Said:

    i think toby knows who A is and is still on the A team but i dont think he want the others to find out. I dont think Mrs.D is A i think they are putting up as a distraction like they have done in the past. But i am dieing to find out who A really is and they whole story that happened to Alison on that night she went missing.

  6. lashelle Said:

    some one killed mrs.D to shut her up about the night ali was hit in the head…i thinks thats why ali stayed away to keep her mother alive

  7. diamond bitch Said:

    stfu diamond

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