Pretty little Liars Episode 4×23: Emily Confronts Paige About Alison DiLaurentis in “Unbridled” (VIDEO)

Emily confronts Paige in "Unbridled" - Pretty Little Liars episode 4x23 web clipPaige broke her promise to Emily about keeping the “Alison is alive” news a secret. She told the cops, and thanks to Hanna’s uncanny ability to discern someone’s handwriting with just one glance, Emily now knows that Paige betrayed her trust. So what now? Well, when Emily (Shay Mitchell) runs into Paige (Lindsey Shaw) in the school bathroom in a brand new Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 23 clip, she gives her a piece of her mind.

In the video below, Paige enters the ladies’ room just as Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Em finish reapplying lip gloss. Instead of receiving the usual kiss hello from her girlfriend, Paige gets the cold shoulder, and the situation only grows more awkward as Spencer slyly slips out of view. Emily demands to know when Paige got back to Rosewood and Paige lies that some family issues arose and her grandparents are old and needy. “All grandparents are old,” Emily snaps and then asks why Paige has been avoiding her.

Before Paige can drum up an adequate answer, Emily addresses the elephant in the room. “You told the police,” she accuses. “You promised you wouldn’t and then you went ahead and told them.” Paige argues she did it to protect her but Emily thinks that’s a weak excuse. “Who’s going to protect Alison?” she demands, before yelling that Paige played her in an attempt to exact vengeance against Alison.

“This is not about revenge,” Paige points out, desperate to prove her point, but Emily doesn’t want to hear any of it.

“Really? She’s been hiding for two years from somebody who tried to kill her. By ratting her out to the cops, you just sent out a search party.”

“Then let the cops protect her!” Paige cries, but Emily proves just how little she cares about Paige’s feelings by storming out of the bathroom.

Eavesdrop on their intense feud in the “Unbridled” preview clip below!

Are you hoping that Paige and Emily find a way to make their relationship work after this setback? Or, do you find Paige’s actions reprehensible? Do you think she’s connected to the “A” team or is she just an innocent bystander who’s worried about her girlfriend’s safety? Post your thoughts in the comments!

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 23: “Unbridled” airs Tuesday, March 11th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. Be sure to tune in!


  1. Baru Said:

    I hope they will het through it! I know that everybody hates on Paige, but I admire her. She did it for Emily because she loves her so much and wants to keep her safe.
    I don’t like that Emily puts Alison ahead of Paige!! The only thing Alison ever did to her was hurting her. And also lying, lying and lying. Why would she help her instead of being with girl who truly loves her and who would do anything for her? I just don’t get it.
    Anyways, team Paily definitely♥

  2. Cat Said:

    I really hope they break up! Paige is so annoying, I can’t stand her! She is like a mother to Emily rather than a girlfriend. I would never be able to forgive Paige’s betrayal if I was Emily.

  3. victoria Said:

    I hope they break up I really don’t like paige

  4. kiki Said:

    I really like Paige, I hope they work it out. when I try watching this episode, it’s always an annoying guy’s voice over the WHOLE episode, it’s so annoying!!!!

  5. Sacha Said:

    I hope they break up. I don’t like Paige. She is soooo annoying! Let Emily handle it. Don’t protect her so much…!

  6. Juliana Souza Said:

    Paige loves Emily more than life itself! People who are against Paige, are the most heterosexuals wanting a lesbian fetish, because that’s how we lesbians are seen by some as just cause to give pleasure to some. This Paige is my picture and a portrait of several girls who have trouble accepting their sexuality with society. We are just like that, all lesbians really love their girlfriends and protect them from everything and everyone.
    Alison isn´t a lesbian and doesn´t even know what that is!

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