Songs from Pretty Little Liars Episode 5×10: “A Dark Ali”

Alison and Emily in "A Dark Ali" - Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 9 preview trailer

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What happened on Pretty Little Liars episode 5×10? Well to be honest, we don’t even know where to begin considering how the entire evening was a blur due to Alison’s absurd lies. Rosewood’s most manipulative gal felt immense pressure to identify the man the police had in custody as her kidnapper. Ultimately, she caved in and informed authorites that Cyrus Petrillo was indeed the man who abducted it. The only snag? He wasn’t; Ali orchestrated the entire scenario by offering him a passport, cash, and a way to start over! Thankfully, in between all the jaw-dropping moments, viewers were treated to another one of Emily’s fierce rants, some Haleb smoochies, and a couple of irresistible tunes!

That said, turn up the volume on your speakers and can ready to jam to songs from PLL Season 5 Episode 10: “A Dark Ali”!

Silhouettes” by Colony House: Plays when Caleb and Hanna are jogging around the neighborhood by her house. Spencer drives by, spots them exercising, and immediately pulls over. She needs to talk with Hanna, but Hanna doesn’t want to deal with her and all the A nonsense at this moment.

Ipswich” by Georgi Kay: Plays when Ezra spots Ali at the Brew coffee shop and sits down for a quick chat with her. Unfortunately, their heated discussion is interrupted by an angry Kenneth DiLaurentis, who demands to know what Ezra wants with his daughter.

Gravity” by Sara Bareilles: This song plays during the choir room scene. Much to Hanna’s chagrin, Mona sings it acapella (and super beautifully) while warming up for her audition.

So, dolls, what was is your favorite song from tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars? Hit the comments and let us know!


  1. Dejionay Said:

    I really like this show and I what he’d every season on Netflix but I haven’t seen season 5 yet but I did watch last Tuesdays episode and I’m waiting for next Tuesdays episode and I’m waiting to find out who A he be sending text like Hannah’s mommy saved her who’s gonna save yours … Lol I love your show

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