Exclusive: First Look At Pretty Little Liars Book 13, Crushed

Exclusive first look at the thirteenth book in Sara Shepard's bestselling Pretty Little Liars series.

First, stop, take a deep breath and a brief moment to be thankful that on December 4th the twelfth book in Sara Shepard’s bestselling Pretty Little Liars series–which is titled Burned (not Crushed!)–will be available wherever books are sold.

Okay . . . now, here’s something else to get excited about: You’re looking at the first ever image of Sara Shepard’s thirteenth Pretty Little Liars book to be seen anywhere!

Yep, by Monday everyone and her Pretty Little Liars-loving sister may say that they’ve seen PLL Book 13, and they know that the title is Crushed, and that Spencer is pictured on the cover–but if you’re seeing it here, today, on prettylittleliars.com, you’re seeing it first! So congrats. And you’re welcome.

And now head to the comments, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else you go to brag about being first and spread the word! Then make a note on your calendar that in June of 2013, you’re going to need to grab yourself a copy of Pretty Little Liars, Book 13: Crushed, because like all things Pretty Little Liars, it’s going to be epic and worth the wait.


  1. corrina Said:

    could sara shepard just stop writing pll books, i can’t keep up!!

  2. Spencergurl Said:

    why is she making 14 books now instead of 12? this is getting pretty ridiculous. just end the series already

  3. cecilia12 Said:

    will this be the last book?

  4. kindersurprise Said:

    Omg can’t wait for crushed yay
    go A

  5. lovepplandlg Said:

    I love The entire PPL and Lying game series but PPL needs to have an ending soon because people will get tired waiting even though i won’t i really want an ennding!!! Kisses

  6. odiaok Said:

    @Spencergurl, If its getting so ridiculous then why don’t you stop reading them?

  7. vbattles Said:

    I. Can’t. Wait.
    The pretty little liars series are to die for.
    Definitely the best books I have ever read!!!

  8. Sunshine Said:

    The books are absolutly to die for!!! I am so happy that is contiuning on with the series… Go for Sara!

  9. Andrea Said:

    Yay!!! Omg I can’t wait! I am a bookworm so plz plz plz keep them coming!!!!!! And people if u r complaining I hav many options. A) don’t read them b) get ur brain checked bc these books r amazing and they never ever should stop! Plz keep in writing as much as u can Sara Shepard bc I NEED pll

  10. Brittany Said:

    So I have read them all sooo far and the books are getting a little redundant!! Really need an ending to a great series before they get worse!

  11. Bethany Said:

    I dont care what anybody says, I will read this series even if there is a 100 books! I dont want it to ever end! Love Aria and Hanna!

  12. Danielle Said:

    I love the books… been reading them since I was 14 but it’s seriously time to end. They ARE to die for, they ARE the best I’ve ever read, but it’s time to end. They’re super expensive as well.

  13. Joleigh Said:

    I seriously don’t care if takes a lot of books to end the series. I mean I want an ending and at the same time I don’t want. I want to know their(PLL) fates and a lot of other certain things. Too much secrets, never will be kept.

  14. cindy Said:

    dear sara shepard:

    please dont end pll with a cliche. I REALLY hope A isnt jason Dilaurentis,

    love ur books :)

  15. Skulduggery Pleasant Said:

    LOVE the books!!! cant wait 2 see if im right about who A number 3 is!!( i think A #3 is Iris, from The Preserve. remember hanna met her, & Ali knew her.) and all of u haters if u dont want anymore books QUIT reading them. we are sick & tired of hearing you`re whining.

  16. ntdancer Said:

    I absolutely love this book series! I hope she continues to write these books! I cant wait to find out who the third A is. People who don’t want anymore books then just stop reading them. No one likes a whiner.

  17. Katie Said:

    While I do enjoy the series, I’m quiet frankly tired of having to read every single book. I’m on Crushed right now and when I heard there were going to be four more, it took everything in me to not let out an annoyed moan. The series has gone to far and long and I’m exhausted from it. I feel one final book is just enough to finally find answers and finish the series once and for all!

  18. Katie Said:

    Also I keep reading the series because I feel like I’m too far into them to just stop.

  19. Kayla Said:


  20. Madison Said:

    I am waiting for december 3rd ish just to find out (SPOILER FROM CRUSHED) if noel is dead!!! All that dont know dec 3rd #14 is supposed to come out and there are rumors that there are two more after that!!! I love the series but I cant wait until late 2014 for the series to end

  21. Mohandra Said:

    I love the pll series…I hope it never ends!

  22. WhoisA? Said:

    I think the 3rd A is MIKE and he is helping, of course, the 2nd A: Alison.

    Who could have left the fake painting into Aria’s bedroom? He is her own brother and she never suffers like Spencer, Emily or Hanna.

    The last text the Liars received was about A saying that he knew they were in a panic room talking about who A was. Hanna told Mike where she’d been.

    Ali always said that she was daiting with someone older. What about the guy was younger and this is just another lie?

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