Exclusive Interview: Brandon W. Jones Drops Hints about Andrew Campbell’s Return to PLL Season 3

Brandon W. JonesIn the Pretty Little Liars fandom, Andrew Campbell is known as the most crushworthy nerd to ever captain an academic decathlon team. And, despite his Finnick Odair good looks, soul-searching eyes and easing charms, Brandon W. Jones confesses that he’s as every bit geeky as his PLL persona.

Naturally, we’re intrigued, so we caught up with Rosewood’s newest blazer-wearing hottie (Watch out, Ezra!) to get the scoop on his character’s exciting return to Season 3 and to find out if sparks will fly between him and Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) now that Toby is out of the picture. Dive in to the interview below to find out what Brandon teased about his upcoming episode.

Alloy Entertainment: Congrats on your PLL role! Andrew is a bit different from your other characters (Lie to Me, Switched at Birth, 2 Broke Girls) — much nerdier. How did you prepare?
Brandon W. Jones: You know what, the funny thing is that in real life I’m a total nerd. For all my other roles, I’ve had to prepare for but for this one I just walked in and nailed it. I somehow always end up playing the jock or the cool guy. In the case though, as Andrew, I’m definitely more myself.

Alloy Entertainment: Were you a fan of the series prior to joining the show?
Brandon W. Jones
: I actually was not to be honest. I haven’t read the books but I’ve heard they’re great, and I have tons of friends who are obsessed with the show. They’re addicted to it and so when I landed the role they were thrilled for me. After that, I watched as much as I could before I began shooting to learn the ins and outs of Rosewood. However, I knew a little bit about it because of Alloy Entertainment. I did a web series [with AE] called
First Day 2: First Dance

Alloy Entertainment: Moment of truth! How many takes did you have to do when telling Spencer to spank Mona?
Brandon W. Jones: [Laughs.] You mean without bursting into laughter? We actually did a few takes of that line but mostly because I kept saying it too seriously. It was coming off a little wrong but we ended up getting it down and came out sounding the way it’s supposed to.

Alloy Entertainment: You certainly caused quite the stir on twitter that night when you dropped that line. It even trended!
Brandon W. Jones: I’ve spotted so many GIFs of that moment on Tumblr. It’s awesome.

Alloy Entertainment: What was it like shooting with Troian and Janel? Do you have any funny set stories you can share?
Brandon W. Jones: It was such an amazing experience working with them. Both of them are such wonderful, welcoming people. And I actually do have a bit of an entertaining set story to share. Janel and I were filming a scene from “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted.” It was pretty late at night — maybe 1 in the morning — and they had all the lights off around the set. Some of the extras were sitting in the dark waiting to be called in and this lady started walking and she sort of tripped — not sure what happened exactly — and she got really angry. She started shouting at everyone because she couldn’t see and so Janel and I were hiding on the set because we didn’t want to get yelled at by her. She ended up leaving but thankfully she was fine and no one was hurt.

Alloy Entertainment: You definitely want to go into hiding with A when drama arises, that’s for sure.
Brandon W. Jones: [Laughs.] Yea. I didn’t think about that but it’s a good point.

Alloy Entertainment: Can you tell us a little more about Andrew’s return in Pretty Little Liars episode 3×19? In the books, he’s very competitive. Will we witness this streak of his at all?
Brandon W. Jones: Yes. Definitely. You will see Andrew’s competitive streak but in a good way. I don’t think that it’s nothing that anyone will get upset about. I think viewers will be happy to see this. PLL episode 3×19 is going to be really cool and I’m very excited for it, especially after seeing how everyone reacted to the first episode I was in. I was honestly surprised to see how fans took to Andrew the way they did so I’m looking forward to my second appearance on the show.

Alloy Entertainment: Spencer had her heart broken by Toby and now Andrew pops up offering some semblance of hope. We know that you can’t tell us if they get together or not but what tips would you offer Andrew on how to woo Spencer?
Brandon W. Jones: [Laughs.] I would tell Andrew just to keep a level head and not to pick sides with anyone. To make sure that he stays himself because I truly think that Spencer likes him for who he is — for his intellect, his personality, and his intellect. I would tell him to keep being Andrew.

Alloy Entertainment: Legions of #Spandrew supporters are already forming! How have the fans reacted to a potential relationship between Spencer and Andrew? Have you received any funny/scary tweets from Spoby fanatics?
Brandon W. Jones: I received tons and tons of messages from both Spoby and Spandrew fans. Personally, I find them all entertaining and think it’s great that there’s now somewhat of a competition forming. None are too scary thankfully – the most intense ones I’ve received so far are people telling me to stay away from Spencer or else. Nothing overtly threatening. [Laughs.]

Alloy Entertainment: Any theories as to who Big A is on the show?
Brandon W. Jones: That’s a BIG question! [Laughs.] I honestly don’t know and I have some ideas but I probably shouldn’t share them just in case.

For more updates on Brandon W. Jones, follow his official Twitter account at @brandonwjones, and be sure to check him on action on “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted” (which airs this Tuesday night at 8/7 c on ABC Family)!