30 Gorgeous Nail Designs Inspired by ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Pretty Little Liars nail art


If there’s one word to describe the awesome fans of Pretty Little Liars, it’s talented. From writing original ballads about the ABC Family series to creating romantic videos about their favorite Rosewood couple, PLL fans are a gifted bunch. And, recently, we couldn’t help but notice a rising trend in gorgeous nail art inspired by the show, beloved characters such as Hanna Marin, and even A’s creepy text messages.

Ready to have your minds blown? Feast your eyes on some of our favorite designs from beauty experts worldwide, in the gallery below!

#BigAReveal Fun

How do you get your nails all snazzy for major PLL events? Just follow CMYNails' lead: "For base colors, I used Wet ‘n’ Wild Black Creme and Revlon Parfumerie Spun Sugar, which does smell slightly sweet. For my pinky and the blood around the A, I applied Ciaté Mistress. As accents, I used Sephora by OPI Just a Little Dangerous, a deep violet, and Art Club Nail Art Fine Gold. To get the purple stripes to show over the black, I first drew them in white, then painted over them. By the way, excuse my thumb nail, it cracked and I had to cut it short."

Photo Credit: @CMYNails

One 'Zombie Baby Mask' Manicure Coming Right Up....

Photo Credit: Facebook

The 'She Knew Too Much' Option

This creative manicurist drew inspiration from A's texts. We have chills -- but in the best way possible!

Photo Credit: @Sarae525

Four Little Ladies And A Big Red A

Make your obsession with the Liars public knowledge by sporting their gorgeous faces on your nails!

Photo Credit: @KimiasNails via Instagram

On Cloud 9

Photo Credit: @Hotpinkzebrapolish

Pretty in Pink

Rhinestones and stripes and bows -- oh my! We love Hanna's sassy style and it seems that this fan does as well because her nails are all about trendy, fun glamour.

Photo Credit: @anjayleekah

Red Coat Alert

How do you achieve this fierce look? Here's the 411, courtesy of @roselynn787: "Red Coat is done entirely in acrylic paint over a nude base by OPI called My Vampire is so Buff. I used a fine detail brush that I trimmed down myself to my liking. I actually didn't spend as much time as I thought I would on this. About an hour and a half straight, but that does include letting my paint dry so I could go over it with another tone. It was definitely worth dedicating my night to though, I love how this turned out so much! "

Photo Credit: Manicured & Marvelous

A is the Creepiest Letter

Want to rock symbols of Rosewood on your nails? Watch the tutorial here for more info: Forever Nails

The Halloween Special

Redrum alert! Spruce things up on All Hallow's Eve with this sinister yet mesmerizing black-and-red design.

Photo Credit: @haveedee

'Liars Unite' Decal

Photo Credit: @PureEffectNails

Cupcakes and Shh's

Photo Credit: @EssyFloressy

Lucky Leon's Nail Art

Photo Credit: Tanya Minxy Nails

Glitter in The Air

Photo Credit: @nails_by_audrey

Bleeding Love

Photo Credit: Radd Things

Kisses - A

Photo Credit: Nail Art by Cath

Wild Thing

Monochramatic nails are lovely but why not spice things up with a sexy print? We love this fan's cheetah nail print inspired by one of Hanna's many fabulous nail looks!

Photo Credit: animalabbie76

Pretty Little Cuties

No big deal -- just decals of the Liars in cartoon form! :)

Photo Credit: Color Me So Crazy

Dots Dots Dots

Jenna can see now...which means that homegirl is totally down for some snazzy nails. This fan drew inspiration from "Bitch Can See" for one of her designs.

Photo Credit: Spektor's Nails

Tippi The Bird Represent!

"Am I the only one who forgets which plates they have on a consistent basis? I found the plate with the zipper on it and practically fell over at the thought of being able to do a black hoodie nail," the wonderful artist of wrote in a blog post. "Tippi the bird definitely needed representation, add in the New York skyling, fingerprints, some paint splatter, a mask, a lock, handcuffs and then borrowing a little bit of style from Jonny and Spencer's graffiti and BAM. Or should I say, Voila?!?"

Photo Credit:

Shades of Plum

Want to recreate this loveliness? Here's how: "When I went into it, all I knew was that I wanted the red “A” on a vampy background. I took this opportunity to finally use an unused e.l.f. – Plum. To make the “A,” I used a worn detail brush dipped in white polish and flicked it around to create a jagged “A.” I then used L'Oréal – Caught Red Handed to do the same over the white. For the rest of my nails, I went for a simple glitter gradient using New York Color – Big City Dazzle, with a base of Jesse’s Girl – Stiletto."

Photo Credit:
Nail Treasures


The Liars love their glitter and sequins and so does this talented beauty guru who showcased her love for the show with prodigous skill and pizzazz!

Photo Credit: IHaveACupcake

Neon Fun

This PLL beauty guru loves color just like Hanna and Aria do so she perked up her pretty nails with splashes of pink and yellow!

Photo Credit: Bellezza

Shay Mitchell Love

Pretty Little Liars is not only full of delicious drama but talented cast members as well. So PLL viewer Krystal paid homage to one of her favorite actress' from the show (Shay Mitchell) via a nail message! ;)

Photo Credit: @KrstalLovesPll

Hot Pink Alert

You know the PLL show art that features the series name in pink font in front of clouds? Well this fan took that and ran with it as inspiration! And the "A" design? That's just the cherry on top!

Photo Credit: Addicted2Nails

A Hint of A

You can never wrong with a classic, calming color -- but it's always fun to shake things up with a little bit of A-ction. ;)

Photo Credit: @joannagleave

A PLL Nail Masterpiece

They say that red is the new black, but sometimes it's nice to have a little bit of both colors, don't you think? And this mesmerizing PLL design is proof that red & black go together like birds of a feather.

Photo Credit: irisnailart

Into The Wild

Being daring pays off as this nail expert proves by mixing things up with an assortment of prints and colors on her pretty little fingers. We're certain Hanna Marin would 100% approve!

Photo Credit: Bellezza

Pretty in Pink

Photo Credit: @JuliaMarieRut

A Dash of Gold

All that glitters isn't gold? Not when it comes to this fan's Hanna-inspired look. She painted her nails blue and sparkled things up with a flashy gold!

Photo Credit: @JuliaMarieRut

ButtaBenzo Represent

Ashley Benson's nickname on nails? Super cute idea! We're hoping Miss Ashley saw this fabulous nail design created in her honor. Fierce!

Photo Credit: @KrstalLovesPll

Does your love for all things PLL inspire your beauty routine or artwork in any way? Post photos and/or links to your A-mazing creations in a comment!

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