Pretty Little Liars #FatalFinale Preview: Is Alison A?

Emily Fields in the Pretty Little Liars #FataleFinaleThere’s no denying that whether it’s due to actual sparkage or her instinctual urge to maintain control over people who adore her, there’s a stronger connection between Alison Lauren DiLaurentis and Emily Fields than Ali and the other girls. Heather Hogan of AfterEllen fame stated it best when she pondered aloud about Emison’s relationship: “Is it love? Is it lust? Or is it just your standard “teenager rises from the grave and manipulates her lesbian friend into being her guard dog while she takes secret meetings in the woods wearing a wig and a mask of her own face”?” And although we don’t know for sure where these two ladies stand with one another and if Emily’s feelings for Alison’s are truly reciprocated, one thing remains clear: There’s a considerable lack of trust!

In fact, in a new preview trailer for Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 12: “Taking This One to the Grave,” Alison snaps out of her self-absorbed daze when she realizes that Emily is not the same naive swimmer she knew long ago. The two ladies are hanging out in Em’s bedroom and having a heart-to-heart. Ali voices her concerns — namely, that the other Liars won’t permit Emily to remain friends with her — but Emily assures Alison that she can make her own decisions, thank you very much. But when Emily exits the room to brew Ali some chamomile tea, Alison starts goes through her bestie’s phone and discovers that the entire evening has been a ruse to distract her while Hanna and Spencer carry out a top-secret undercover mission.

“I’m A, right?” she demands. “I don’t know. Are you?” Emily retorts. Eavesdrop on their tense conversation in the Pretty Little Liars #FataleFinale clip below, then hit the comments telling us if you think Alison is the infamous Rosewood stalker!

Eager to find out if Alison is A or not? Tune into the Pretty Little Liars #FatalFinale on Tuesday, August 26th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family!


  1. Emma Said:

    shes obviously not ‘A’ since there are going to be another 2 seasons…

  2. julia Said:

    i agree with emma, i don’t think Ali is A… the writers always try to make us believe someone is A then they reveal they’re not and get us confused again… e.g. Jenna, ezra,toby, Shana, Melissa etc.

  3. Kate Said:

    there is a chance that even the directors don’t actually know who A is..

  4. Teri Markanson Said:

    There was a web site mentioned towards the end of PLL’s finale last night. I didn’t get to write it down and cannot remember what it was…can anyone tell me please? Or, better yet, send me a link to it?

  5. Theo Said:

    @Teri Markanson During the episode? On it! I have screenshots so I’ll look through them.

  6. Kaleen Said:

    i think cece came back but eh..its just me

  7. taheisha Said:

    the writer do nkow who A is and troians know too you can see that by the Halloween special promo 2014

  8. Jade Said:

    I feel like ally told cece to kill Mona so that she could look innocent and that everybody would think she’s A. I guess that leads to the reason why cece left jail. Although the producers have tricked us into believing that a lot of people were A before (Ezra, toby, Jenna, Melissa etc) Also did u guys see the smug look Allison had on her face when all the girls were crying outside of Monas house (after she was murdered) aw :( I actually was starting to be fond of Mona

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