For We Can Fly/ Up, Up And Away

In Perfect, Lucas Beattie takes Hanna on a ride she'll never forget…in a hot air balloon. Soaring over Rosewood, Hanna finally has some time to herself.

It was so nice and quiet up here. There were no traffic sounds, no annoying birds, just the sound of wind. Best of all, A wasn't up here. Hanna felt so free. Part of her wanted to fly away in a balloon for good, like the Wizard of Oz.” ~Perfect, pp. 187-188

Up in the hot air balloon, Hanna lets go of all the pressure she puts on herself to be popular. It's as if, from a distance, it just doesn't matter any more. Why do you think her perspective changes so much when she's with guys like Lucas and Mike?


  1. ! Said:

    First comment

  2. amy Said:

    Ok so I got the double book pretty little liars volume 1&2 ( flawless) how many books and in what order should I read next to have read all the books

  3. molly11 Said:

    i think that hanna and lucas are going to go out and everyone will be out and everyone be shock then she finds a very direty secert abouty mona

  4. Caitlyn Palmer Said:

    I’ve just started reading this book can’t wait

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