Need An Easy, Last-Minute Costume Idea? Here’s How You Can Transform into A This Halloween

how to dress up as A from Pretty Little Liars this Halloween

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October is finally here which means that the spookiest night of the year, All Hallow’s Eve, is right around the corner!

However, before you dive into piles of trick or treat candy, bob for apples, or start doing the monster mash, there’s one crucial question to consider: What are you going to dress up as for Halloween? If you’ve spent countless hours wracking your brain for a brilliant and scary costume idea, then you’re in luck because we’ve got an easy and downright A-mazing option — A from Pretty Little Liars! (Check out pics from the PLL black hoodie party for inspiration on how to put a personal spin on this fierce and oh-so-menacing look.)

Here’s a quick list of what you’ll need to transform from a sane, pleasant person and into Rosewood’s most twisted mastermind:

Black Hoodie

If there's anything you'll for sure to take on the role of Rosewood's creepiest lurker, it's a plain black hoodie. It doesn't need to be expensive nor fancy -- as long as it has a hood and drawstrings than you're good to go!

An Air of Mystery

Got a secret? Then make sure you keep it. You never want to give too much away as A.

Always leave those pretty little liars guessing...

Black Boots

A is sassy and nothing defines this attitude better than a pair of designer combat boots. Granted, not all of us live in Rosewood mansions where everyone's rolling the Benjamins, so a pair of sneakers, flats, or Oxfords will do just fine. Just make sure your shoes are comfortable because, as A, you always need to be able to run away from the scene of a crime. (And by crime we mean taking an extra piece of candy from a Halloween candy basket...nothing crazy now, you hear us?)

A Cell Phone

A's weapon, aside from his/her eerie yet enjoyable wit, is a smartphone. So whip out those suckers and get ready to text some anonymous notes to Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna! (And to kick things up a notch, go ahead and block that number. Holla.)

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are a staple in A's wardrobe but if it's too hot outside, feel free to slip them off. Still, you don't want to leave fingerprint traces anywhere ---especially if you need to rifle through Spencer's room to sabotage her or if you have to buckle in a doll in Emily's car -- so we beg you to reconsider. Moreover, they look kind of chic so there's that element to consider as well!

Jungle Red Lipstick

Whether you want to plump up your pout for a femme fatale vibe or scribble on your best friend's mirror (which isn't the best idea -- that stuff's hard to get off, yo), jungle red lipstick will get the job done!

Be Clever

Go wild with the punning and inside Pretty Little Liars humor. You're free to use the term "biotch" on this night only but if that feels too risque even as A, than get creative with the scandalous language. Some of A's typical terms of "endearment" include girlies, chickadees, liars, and pretties.

Black Hoodie with a Zipper

If it's warm where you live, we suggest a hoodie with a zipper so that way you can easily remove it when you feel yourself burning up.

A Fierce Expression

Don't blink. Don't flinch. Don't you dare crack a smile. Crazy "A" is as badass as they come and all your homies better recognize. Just imagine that you're strutting down on a long runway with a vicious, hungry look in your eyes that says, "It's open season on Liars and I'm hunting, bitches."

Please do not actually hurt or terrorize anyone. Just look as though like you want to...

Black Skinny Pants (Girls)

Skinny jeans are comfortable, stretchy, and they look great on all body shapes. Plus, you'll want to balance the baggy sweatshirt with something a little more tailored so these pants would be the perfect match!

Black Jeans for Guys

The pants should be fitted but not to tight. Think "motorcycle stud" or "Greaser" when it comes to donning A-inspired pants on Halloween.

Mona as an A team member

Can you be sexy, mysterious, and frightening all at the same time? Yes! And here to demonstrate how to rock a female A team member look is none other than Mona "Bitch Crazy" Vanderwaal.

Toby Cavanaugh as an A team member.

With his strong jaw line and steely glaze, Toby shows how to command attention and strike fear in people's heart as a male A team member.

What’s your Halloween costume going to be this year? Are you looking to your favorite shows, movies, and books for inspiration? Tell us in a comment!


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  1. PLLADDICTED2693 Said:

    OMG!!! what a great idea to be A!!! P.s. totally gonna!

  2. catlin2002 Said:

    OMG! pll read my mind! i was thinking of going as A. and user above me, that is a GREAT idea!

  3. intoning_pisces Said:

    Already planning on it. :)
    Theo: Great idea! I think I’ll ask some of my friends to join me!

  4. AisforAli Said:

    The town where I live is a lot like rosewood… It has many secrets and I’ve lived here forever so I know most of them and most of the people who live here know either me or my family so yeah…anyways, I’m going to go as Alison as A to the towns Halloween party and then for actual Halloween I’m going as black widow from the avengers… Or a ginger, pimped out A….;p

  5. AshMauder Said:

    I never thought of this idea before, but now that I have seen it and I know exactly what to wear–I am trying it! I am super excited for the Halloween Special. This show is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I am looking forward to Halloween! I am going as ‘A’ for sure now!

  6. Allison Said:

    Where do you get these supplies??

  7. faith mattson Said:

    I want to be red coat for Halloween but i can’t find an Allison mask anywhere? help!

  8. Mysterio2 Said:

    Some people think that Aria is A.. I don’t think so. Alison is A, and shes alive wreaking havoc among the four girls.

  9. Theo Said:

    @PLLADDICTED2693 The bonus is that if you can get a few friends to join you you can literally be the A team! :)

  10. PLLADDICTED2693 Said:

    BTW thnxx for this!!

  11. Abby Said:

    i went as A last year

  12. jane't butler Said:

    omg I am so obssed at finding out who A is!!!! I’ve been watching it for six years and I can’t wait to find out

  13. jane't allen Said:

    I can’t wait to see Keegan without his shirt on!!!!!!!!!! it’s going to be epic! I love the pretty little liars crew and I am syked for this next season.

  14. antonella Said:

    alison esa noche y vio sangre y vio seguro alequien la golpeo y escapo melissa el enterro y se fue pero. golpe volviera por ella que decido desapacer quien es A que murio ahi

  15. antonella Said:

    todo tiene teoria muy loca y se que sera una mas pero todo empienza halloween dee la sugunda tamporada chica la noche del granero la otra va en busca acata couthney intento altaca alison dos se queda con la muñeca hospital mental fue intenada en radley habia escapado acatan alsion atrapar a su gemela golpeanda con la roca por su hermana

  16. Cole Said:

    I’m getting my A stuff ready for tomorrow

  17. Malcolm Said:

    How do I dress like A for Halloween
    I like the movie

  18. Amy Said:

    I need see A now pretty little liars I need kill hanna and your friends now yes A I need you now

  19. Amy Said:

    and I see you A

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