Happy Birthday Wishes for Pretty Little Liars Star, Brant Daugherty

He might portray a creepy, malicious character who makes our blood run cold on Pretty Little Liars, but Brant Daugherty is a total nice guy in real life. Unlike Noel Kahn, he’s not terrifying girls on school rooftops, blackmailing teachers, or making tasteless jokes about murder. Rather, he’s sweet to his fans, works hard on set, and even sets a great example by giving back to his community and supporting great causes like he did with Janel Parrish in a photo shoot for the NOH8 campaign. And today, August 20th, is a special time for him — his birthday! (Yep. He and his PLL on-screen girlfriend, Tammin Sursok, share back-to-back birthdays — how funny!) So in honor of his 27th birthday, we’re celebrating with seven reasons why this blue-eyed actor rocks. Join the festivities below and indulge in a fresh round of fun facts and photos about this Rosewood hottie!

He's down to earth!

Prior to heading over to the bright lights of Hollywood, Brant was born in grew up in Mason, Ohio where he worked hard at honing his craft. We bet he has plenty of that Midwestern charm! :)

He's irresistible!

Before PLL, Brant was making the ladies swoon as Thomas Pearson, the "hottest guy on campus" in the Private web series (alongside Chord Overstreet).

He's brainy!

Before shifting over to acting, he hit the books while attending Columbia College Chicago.

He's a total dreamboat!

At 6.1" with deep blue eyes and dark hair, Brant Daugherty has definitely proven to be a crush-worthy prospect in Rosewood. Seriously, despite his creep factor on PLL, it's hard to resist his mesmerizing gaze!

He's tenacious!

Brant keeps things interesting by switching up the types of characters he plays (which isn't an easy feat). Before playing villainous Noel Kahn, he took on a guest starring role in Days of Our Lives playing a character named Bryan.

He's versatile!

Brant may be an actor but he also loves learning his way around teh set in other departments. He's worked as a production assistant on set and behind the camera on several television series, including The Eleventh Hour and the critically acclaimed Pushing Daisies.

He's creative!

If you think all this guy does is show up and look pretty, think again. Not only does Brant rock our worlds (and spook the heck out of us) as Noel Kahn, but he also dabbles in writing and producing on the side. In fact, he's written and produced a short called The World's Smartest Man!

What do you adore most about Brant Daugherty? Post your happy birthday wishes in the comments!


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