Fan Question: How Many Seasons of Pretty Little Liars Are There?

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 promoWhen it comes to A’s wicked games, Aria’s fashion, and Rosewood crime sprees, we could never get bored. If it was up to us Pretty Little Liars would last forever — or at least until Emily won an Olympic gold medal in swimming and Hanna and Caleb got married and had a raven haired, blue-eyed baby boy with the innate talent for hacking past a firewall in under ten seconds. Luckily for us all, our weekly dose of frightful texts, daring stakeouts, and Spencer-isms won’t be coming to end any time soon. Pretty Little Liars has not only been renewed for Season 4 but the series also got picked up for Season 5 recently along with a spin-off called Ravenswood!

So, in a nutshell, PLL has completely finished and aired three seasons worth of episodes and has two more suspenceful seasons to film, produce, and share with viewers on ABC Family!

Tell us, lovelies: How many seasons would you like for the A drama to continue?


  1. Alexandra Said:

    I don’t know….I think season 6 it’s anaf. I love the show but…how many A’s are there

  2. Claire Said:


  3. Sami Said:


    So many Spencer-isms, so little time… I want 50000000 million gaggillion trillion billion hillion rillion more seasons. Kay’? Can you do that for me?

  4. Roxy Said:

    I love pretty little lairs, it is the best show ever!!!! I would want it to last forever, but don’t think that is possible. Unless after everyone has kids and they get stalked by A too. Pretty little lairs live on!!!! -Roxy

  5. scarlet Said:

    i dont really have a choice but im just dying for season 4 then i can die again for season 5

  6. Alyssa Said:

    Omggg. I am in LOVE with this show! Totally addicted! Wish we could keep it forever. :( But , I’ll settle for re-runs if that’s what it takes. (:

  7. Janie Said:

    I want it to continue forever I just adore it, love it and can’t live without it

  8. Johnny abdomen Said:

    Pretty little liars is a sexy suspenseful
    show with a twist in every episode
    The show should stop at 7 seasons
    With a life changing twist that will leave
    The fans in an only imaginable state
    “Kiss kiss” – A

  9. Shanice Louis Said:

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove that show, I will never get tired of it. Just Keep it coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Josie Said:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, I just love shay mitchel, you are like so hot!!!!!!!1

  11. Carmen Said:

    I think it should only should continue for a little while longer… I’m not patient.. THE SUSPENSE KILLSSSS ME.

  12. kristel domasing Said:

    PLL so totally awesome! wish it will last forever LOL luv u Em! :)

  13. SellyGirl Said:


  14. Kristen Said:

    I don’t know what I’ll watch religiously when pll series finale comes!

  15. Jake Said:

    I know that ali is A and her twin sister Courtney died

  16. amy Said:

    I think to be more reasonable 12 or 13 you’d have to be crazy not to love this show

  17. Maddy Said:

    I heard there could six or ten season I don’t want it to end right away there’s so much we don’t know yet and it’s to soon cuz so many answers haven’t been andwerd and where r all the couples going to with there life in college I love all the girls and we should keep them for at lest six or ten seasons cuz there’s is so much we don’t know yet and so much we do but I think they can keep going with six or ten seasons cuz they have a lot of fans with the show and just with the stars to so more plz

  18. Cindy Said:

    I love pretty little liars as well, but it’s just so damn annoying how they take forever! I wanna know who is A! If they keep on adding more seasons to it, it’s gonna get old!

  19. Kristy Said:

    Till season 20000!!!!!

  20. JAZZY Said:

    I’d like 7-8 seasons of P.R.L.

  21. Margaret Said:

    I love PLL and all the characters but they really shouldn’t drag this out anymore… We need to know who A is and the girls should go live normal lives this many seasons is too much. The show is starting to become forced I feel like. Things are becoming unrealistic and things need to come to a close.

  22. perpetual Said:


  23. Treasure Said:

    I watch PLL religiously, but I’m getting bored with it. They’re dragging it out. Everyone has been a suspect. I think they should have one more season & go out as a great show instead of losing viewers with the same ole same ole. The girls can’t stay in high school forever & A is starting to be a little over the top.

  24. Heidi H. Said:

    I think there’s 4 seasons because I was searching it up and it mostly said there were 4 seasons. My friend told me A was Mona…

  25. Theo Said:

    @Heidi H. There will be a fifth season too. That article says it’s been confirmed. :)

  26. Caroline Said:

    Honestly, I think that they could continue on with about 10 seasons. How the girls deal with college, yet being constantly drawn to rosewood to find “A”. I think it would be cool if they did a season that was all about their future lives, their husbands (and wives) and their children. It would be cool to see what the writers would do, would they keep the steamy romances of Ezria, spoby, and Haleb? I hope so. Maybe we would even get to see Toby and Spencer’s babies with 6-packs. I would watch it.

  27. Jenna Said:

    I never want it to end!!! At least 10 more seasons! Wait….Make that 2000 more seasons!

  28. Alison Said:

    I think 7 seasons would be appropriate-not too little, but not overboard either. I think it would give it the opportunity to have a perfect ending. 7 is also said to be a lucky number so hey. This show, book series, fashion line, music, etc. is just perfection for ages like 13+. Keep up the good work.

    ~ I’m still here, and I know everything.~

  29. hanna Said:

    king says there most likely will be season 6. If i had my choice it would never end.

  30. jenny Said:

    pll is one of the most awsome tv series so it can’t just finish like this there must be up to 10 seasons cause the 5 th one is great with ali’s return

  31. jazzy Said:

    I love that show saddle not enough season :'(:'(:'(:-(:'(:-(:-(:-(:'(:'(:-( But I Will Always Remember Its never to be forgotten ever

  32. Cami Said:

    I think that this should last for another 3-5 seasons. Everyone is wanting more and I think it would be the perfect ending to show all of the couples in the future with their kids and how life is going for them.

  33. Anonymous Said:

    I think stop at season 10

  34. Hannah Said:

    I think there should be as many seasons as you can make I love the show and I think it should last forever

  35. A Said:

    Don’t worry bitches, I’ll be back.

  36. takia Said:

    I love pretty little liars so much that I think that it could go on for about 20 season or even 15. And it would be cool if in season 7 Maya would come back but she would be on the A team and aria, Hanna,and Spencer found out and didn’t tell Emily, I think fans would freak out.

  37. harley Said:

    I would love it to continue it is sooooooo AWESOME. Please make as many season above 7.xxxxx

  38. Gabbie Said:

    After season 7 there should be 3 seasons of life after “A”

  39. Dawn Said:

    I would like to see a sixth season. A bit of resolution would be satisfying.

  40. Blocked Number Said:

    I think it should go on to whatever session but I d think the should have kids than the get it from me and my gang


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