Is A the Liars’ Best Frenemy?

What started out as our favorite book series is also our favorite TV show. Why? Because every one of Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars books and every new episode of ABC Family’s PLL series surprises us. Readers and TV-show fans alike have got to admit: Just when you think you know what’s going to happen next . . . that’s when PLL throws you a curve!

On PLL ep 113: “Know Your Frenemies” the title itself hints at the latest PLL surprise. A’s actions have begun to blur the lines between friend and enemy.

  • Making Hanna binge on cupcakes? (Enemy)
  • Returning some of Mrs. Marin’s stolen money? (Friend)

Did A punish Noel as a favor to Aria? Did A send the Liars a video of Ali’s last moments to help them solve the mystery of her death?

Is A a frenemy or the Liars’ worst enemy? You tell us!


  1. arialuver Said:

    yay first comment -A is both friend & enemy !!!!

  2. pll_lovah Said:

    I think that A is just trying to make the liars think that she is their friend, and then she’ll do something big and bad again. I was soooo pissed off at what emily’s mom did to maya! I really hope that hanna doesn’t go back to her old ways! I dont think that aria and ezra are good together, and im wonderin if spencer is in danger living with ian…. I actually think that the show is slightly following the books, like how aria’s mom got a new boyfriend, if ezra left aria could’ve hit on Xavier, and, like in the books, the girls now think that ian did it!

  3. Kaela Said:

    i agree with a little with pll_lovah, that A is trying to make the liars beleive that they he/she is their friend. I dont like the way they made noel look in the series. he really is a nice kid and you find that out in the last couple of books or so. he helps aria recover from some things and she helps him too. He and Aria are good for each other but thats after Ezria is ruined. they should of just followed the books because sean and hanna are over and sean and aria should of already happened. and toby sohuld be dead and maya shouldn’t be in jail or juvie camp. a the only thing that i like that they did with emeily and maya is they didnt make maya look likendyet

  4. PLL Fan Said:

    I hate A.

  5. i Said:

    I think that A is just playing nice for now. I hate the way Emilys mom acted towards Maya, i think that was bitchy. Noel, well i knew he didnt do it they were making him look to suspisous. The Newly Weds i think both have somthing to do with it. I think that each show is getting better and better.

    P.S. Did you guys know that Maya in realy life is like 31.. thats crazy!

  6. Carrie marie Said:

    She’s still their enemy but probably she’s just helping them. Get Noel of Aria’s case for the fun of it. Returning the money after publicly embarrassing Hanna. Bad. But she helped them solve Ali’s murder. That’s good for Toby! Enemy. Still.

  7. Carrie marie Said:

    @PLL-lovah yes but that also means that Ian dies and Ali’s murderer is still out there. Interesting, never thought of it that way.

    Emily’s mom is such a bitch, she shouldn’t of put her in jail, it will ruin her record and.. she’s being put into jail for three months. She reminds me of Lily Vanderwoodsen on GG. She sucks!

  8. Sophie Said:

    I’ve read all the books so I know how it turns out so I know for a fact that A is both!

  9. Leslie Said:

    OMG A is evil.. And is trying to get on the girls’ good side, so A can sabatoge them..

    I think its really messed up how Aria and Ezra are together, i mean come on.. Why does Aria have to go for Ezra, when there are plenty other guys out there. And Ezra is just creepy, it should be against the law and a crime for students having affairs with their teachers and vice-versa..

    I feel so bad for Emily and her effed up mother.. It’s not that big of a deal, that her daughter is lesbian, but its kinda bad how Maya smokes pot.. I think that A put the pot in the backpack to phrame Maya, even though she probobly does do pot.. But anyway, lol…

    I feel sorry for Hanna. And when she is eating those cupcakes and the boys are laughing at her, i also love it when Aria comes to the rescue:) Hanna and her mom are gonna get in BIG trouble, for stealing that money from Mrs. Potter or who ever that old lady is…

    Spencer is scared, she thinks that Ian is the one that killed Ali after that horrifying video.. Omg that was so scary. And I can tell the Melissa and Ian are very suspicious.. Im starting to think about that note that A sent, “Love or an Alabi”… its an alabi, i also think that Ian and Melissa are hiding something else, besides that Melissa is pregnat, cause thats not really a big deal if your already married. They know something else about the night Ali died, and there not gonna spill it.

  10. Kim Said:

    I don’t think A is helping the girls by finding the killer, I believe it’s to A’s benifit! I have a feeling A is Ali’s brother who else would want to expose the killer and black mail the girls? Whoever A is … they have alot of time on thier hands

  11. Allison D Said:

    A is Allison and Mona and they have thier own desires so they manipulate the Liars to get what they want. I think A has her own likes n dislikes so she does things according to what she wants. Like she hates Noel so she saves Aria’s relationship with Fitz by getting rid of Noel while A is hurt by Emily kissing Maya so she decides to touch even by snitching on thier relationship. Just get rid of Lucas, Alex n Toby and everything is kewl:)

  12. brook Said:

    i think A is just tring to make them think that they are their friends but i think that A has already done mean tings to them so they may be tring to go after someone else right now….and i dont kno whats up with people saying that ezra and aria are bad for each ther……i love them together!!!! and i think that they shoukd stay together…i woukd be very sad if they didnt….it just adds more tention to the show and over all i think it mades the show better than it is!!!! i love love loveeee pretty little liars!!1 :D

  13. brook Said:

    i hate how wveryone thinks they know who A is …..they may not be doing exactly what the book says…..

  14. victoria Said:

    how do yhu sign up to write comments

  15. victoria Said:

    never mind i got it

  16. victoria Said:

    emily mom is a BITCH!!! Emily nd Maya look good together…..- A is Frenemy

  17. Medicplz Said:

    A’s not good person. She’s just working to her advantages and it would be hard if Noel exposed Aria’s secret so she wolud have anything to hold over her anymore so she had to do that. It shows that she does have backup incase the dirt that she hold on them is exposed by someone else. So in other terms she is just bluffing. :) :P (Y)

  18. juliana Said:

    A is both… has 2 b both

  19. toshiwoshi Said:

    A is probably going to try and build up the liars’ trust then throw a curveball

  20. PLLluver Said:

    A is tricking them into believing her/him so he/she can do whatevre he/she wants.

  21. DDBeanie Said:

    frenemy. an enemy would’ve told hanna to get the cupcakes then after she did hanna wouldn’t have gotten the money. Why didn’t Hanna ask who the last person in the bathroom was? If noel really was A why would he have put the test answers in his locker. Maybe just to throw the girls off????

  22. toshiwoshi Said:

    lol i hope i got your name right (:
    i would have felt sad for hanna if she didnt get the money ):
    and Noel could have tried to pressure Aria into telling the truth herself? just a thought (:

  23. arialoveshanna42 Said:

    i think frenemie

  24. Stephiwuzhere Said:

    I think A is both I was surprised if how A helped the liars at the end if the show. And that video at the end creeeepy but helps a lot!

  25. marissa Said:

    i really think that allison is in pertective custady and that a is noel and ian. Noel is always around when the girls get those texts and they said that a is for allison not for ametur. Yes, they say spencer was their but is all that really true. Melissa and ian have something to do with it to melissa hated ian but ended up getting married to hima nd now wants to have a baby. It makes no sence they went through his stuff and found nothing but you never see them going through melissas things. Toby in my opinon has nothing to do with allison and yes they had a fling but they have really nothing on toby and maya is a good person and emilys mom needs to stop being rude. Whats going to happen and who is A? Is it melissa and Ian or Noel and Ian and does toby really have something on allison? I think shes alive!

  26. Alison DeLaurentis Said:

    fair enough if emilys mum dnt lke she’s a lesbo but she dnt haf 2 go nd say it 2 her face thts a bit b!tchy it isnt even tht weird either coz most parents say dnt be ashamed of who u r but emilys parents r just horrible nd want their daughter 2 be perfect!!!!

  27. Dor Said:

    Marissa’s points are all fair enough. is it possible though that Ali would tell Spencer the girls secrets then Spencer would spill to Melissa. i think that if Melissa is really pregnant then that baby is gonna be one messed up child. hmmm if she “killed”/ tried to kill Ali i wonder what her intentions were

  28. Amiieduckiie Said:

    I don’t know why but I think that at the end one of the main girls is gona be A lols
    I love noel and aria I don’t like how they make him look bad! :(

  29. DGOOBS Said:

    i know how it turns out in the book . im not sure if the show is gonna go by the book cause the show is different then the books



  31. toshiwoshi Said:

    @coffee mug user
    i think ur the same person posting advertisement comments on the other blog posts please stop no one wants wat ur selling

  32. sophie Said:

    i think that theres more then one A, one who’s bad and ones who good. I love aria and ezra together hope to see more of that. happy their romance wasn’t ruined.:)

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