Countdown to Season 2: “Je Suis Une Amie,” ep.116 recap!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "Je Suis une Amie" - The Sharks circling in the water are not just the Rosewood Swim Team" (ABC FAMILY/RON TOM) SHAY MITCHELL, LINDSEY SHAW

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars series returns on June 14th. Until then, we’re recapping every juicy secret from Season 1. Are you ready for ep. 116, “Je Suis Une Amie”? The French title translates to “I am a friend,” but PLL fans know that people aren’t always what they claim to be in Rosewood . . .

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 116:

  • Aria suspects her parents of hiding a major secret because they’re acting so damn shady. So, she does what any normal teenager would and spies on them. She soon discovers that her parents are committing adultery–if by adultery you mean that they’re cheating on each other with each other. Confusing? Yes. Aria catches them locking lips and we’re amazed she can restrains herself from blowing her cover by shouting, “Get a room you guys!”
  • While helping Aria spy on Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery in the Rosewood High library, Hanna stumbles upon a bunch of cell phones and wads of cash inside a nearby vent. The girls can only think of one person who would be packing that much moolah and advanced technology (and, no, it’s not Jack Bauer). Naturally, they hightail it out of the library and a creepy, hooded figure begins chasing them around the school. The chase stops when the girls run into Caleb. He admits that he’s homeless and Hanna, feeling sorry for the kid, offers him a spare spot in her basement. (True, Caleb could be A, but anyone who looks this good gets a free pass in the Marin household.)
  • Paige shows up on Emily’s porch late one night and apologizes to Em for trying to drown her. Emily lets bygones be bygones and forgives dear ol’ Paige for the small attempted murder ordeal. Best of all, although Paige misses an important swim meet the next day due to a bike crash, she still shows up afterward to bond with Emily. (Paige’s flirting techniques may be terrifying, but they’re seriously working!)
  • Spencer learns her lesson about not accusing people, especially since people are now pointing fingers at her. She then does what she does best and goes undercover to gather more info on the person who’s trying to frame her for Alison’s murder. And who better to understand her sticky situation than juvenile delinquent Toby Cavanaugh? Since Toby is stuck at home with an ankle monitor, he can’t go sniffing around with Spence for clues so, as a cover-up, she offers to tutor him in French. Spoby use their best Nancy Drew tricks to gather intel, but they don’t have much to go on until Toby finds a mysterious Braille note in his step-sister Jenna’s room! He tucks it inside a French edition of Catcher in the Rye for Spencer to read. (Oooo . . . sneaky sneaky!)
  • Hanna feels terrible for falling under A’s evil thrall and almost ratting out Aria and her no-no relationship with Ezra. Aria, however, doesn’t have a clue about Hanna’s betrayal…that is until A decides to send a memo filling her in. (Always so reliable, A!) Suddenly, Aria and Hanna are on the outs and their friendship is hanging by a mere thread. (Can you hear A’s destructive scissors getting ready to snip snip?)

The Big Ta-da: Melissa officially announces that she and Ian are going to be proud parents! What do you get the spawn of a suspected murderer and a cold-hearted sister? Hmm . . . let’s hope they register at Babies R’ Us  because we’re at a loss.

If you were Spencer, what would you give Melissa and Ian as a baby gift? What was the biggest OMG moment from PLL ep 116, “Je Suis Une Amie”? Tell us in the comments.


  1. daizyann Said:

    what a good eposode

  2. daizyann Said:

    my fave part was spencer and toby’s first french lesson! awwwwww

  3. --A Said:

    If I was Spencer, I wouldn’t be sure wheter to get Melissa and Ian a baby gift. I mean, from all the mean things Melissa has done to Spencer, I don’t think I would be able to get over the fighting and the hating just because they’re having a baby.

    My favorite part was Spoby’s french lesson- so cute!(:

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  5. Poop Said:

    What do you get when you mix Ian and Melissa…the spawn of Satan. Thats what.

  6. Poop Said:

    Baby Present: knife.

    Prefereably plastic cuz you know, safety first :3

  7. ME Said:

    Spencer should get Melissa a gun in case Ian trys to kill anyone else.
    Or what @Poop said!

  8. Blair Christine Said:

    Spencer should get Melissa some surveillance cameras “for the baby” (she’ll tell Melissa that they’re for the baby, but she’ll use them to catch Ian just in case he does something bad

  9. Lucy Said:

    LOL AT @ME @POOP ian’s psycho!

  10. Naomi Said:

    Baby clothes would be good for a baby presnent.

  11. Alilover Said:

    My fav. OMG moment is when Aria finds her separated parents kissing in the library! If I were Spencer I wouldn’t give Melissa and Ian anything! Melissa’s a bitch and Ian’s a killer!

  12. mady Liar Said:

    I think thé Best moment for me was hanna and calab in the shower

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