Julian Morris Talks ISF, The Environment, and Pretty Little Liars Season 3

Julian Morris - ISF Influence Affair event

Photo Credit: Clevver TV

Julian Morris has it all — a knee-melting smile, a posh British accent, and a role on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars as Dr. Wren Kim! However, did you know that the talented actor also has a passion for all things green? Yep. Much like Vampire Diaries heartthrob Ian Somerhalder, Julian is all about preserving wildlife and supporting Eco-friendly initiatives — which is why he recently attended the Influence Affair event hosted by ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation).

Luckily for us all, the amazing Clevver TV got the scoop on Julian’s involvement with saving the environment…and, of course, some juicy Pretty Little Liars Season 3 clues. Watch the exclusive interview below!

On an upcoming mayhem: “Yea, you are, which is really cool. It’s so weird — we just filmed the first two episodes and something so big and different happens and they’d kill me if I say anything. [laughs].”

On Rosewood romances: “I mean, it’s Pretty Little Liars so more love triangles and and with Wren’s character…oh God this is so difficult [laughs].” He then agrees that there will be a romantic interlude of some sort. (We’re predicting Toby, Spencer and Wren drama!)

On PLL Season 3: “It’s going to be darker than the prior one — so a lot more interesting twists and turns.”

On ISF: “I think it’s a fantastic foundation. I really like it when actors get involved with charities but particularly with this one. The environment is such an important thing right now and I think there are so many issues in the world and this is a really big one. One of my first jobs ever – I worked at an orangutan sanctuary in Borneo [when] I was 18. And it was the most amazing thing but since then the ecology there — the habitat — has been destroyed so much so anything that’s going to help the environment I’m really behind.”

Are you a Spoby or Wrencer fan? And on a scale of one to ten, where does Julian Morris rank alongside Hollywood’s most handsome fellas? Leave your feedback below!


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