Shirtless Keegan Allen Inspires A New Twitter Trend: “Keeganing”

Keegan Allen Lifts Troian Bellisario - Keeganing on Pretty Little Liars setFirst there was planking, then there was owling, and now a new arbitrary phenomenon is sweeping the nation…Keeganing! Um, what exactly is “Keeganing”? Well, according to Pretty Little Liars crew member Kyle Hastings (the producer who coined the term) it is the act of “work[ing] out for the direct benifit of someone else.” Well, it takes a helluva man to inspire an exciting new trend. However, Keegan Allen — the namesake star behind this latest twitter craze — is no ordinary mortal. He of Six-Pack Abs and Bulging Arm Muscles is less boy-next-door and more like a modern-day Perseus when you really think about it. Need proof? Take a peek at various examples of Keeganing as demonstrated by cast members Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell!

Shay Mitchell replaces her old cast chair with Keegan's strong legs.

Photo Credit: Kyle Hasday via @hasday

We've got just one qualm with this pic: Why can't Mr. Fitz be shirtless as well?

Photo Credit: Kyle Hasday via @hasday

Small yet strong Lucy Hale proves that determination trumps size any ol' day!

Photo Credit: Lucy Hale via @lucyyhale

Either Ian Harding is magically light as a feather or Lucy Hale really works out!

Photo Credit: Kyle Hasday via @hasday

A little Spoby action helps make the day more bearABle.

Photo Credit: Keegan Allen via @keeganallen

Keeganing...otherwise known as the best workout ever!

Photo Credit: Kyle Hasday via @hasday

Running lines and helping Keegan stay motivated during his impromptu workouts? Shay is the ultimate multitasker!

Photo Credit: Keegan Allen via @keeganallen

Judging by these hilarious pictures, shirtless Keegan Allen and his “Keeganing” ways are definitely taking the Rosewood set by storm! So, which Pretty Little Liars cast member’s “Keeganing” photo was your favorite? Post your feedback in the comments!


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  2. test Said:

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  3. Aubrey'Anna Said:

    Troian and Shay!

  4. destiny natividad Said:

    who do you like out of all the girls in pretty little liars?????and who would you date????

  5. Rebecca Said:

    Why is Keegan Allen shirtless when he was “Keeganing” with Shay and Troian? And to answer destiny natividad, Aria, and I would date Toby.

  6. Ahniya Said:


  7. PLL Luver Said:

    omg keegan is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!

  8. emma :) Said:

    so hot :)<3

  9. Toby_Lover Said:

    i love toby so much

  10. Toby_Lover Said:

    is toby still on the a team im lost

  11. jane't bates-butler Said:

    I don’t care what these other fans say I am the biggest Keegan Allen fan there is and he is so hot!!!!!!!!! I just turned 18 so hit me up at I’m black and cute and single (but maybe not for long so hurry up!) I’m a rising star making a couple of records every so often so I hope to see you soon!!!;)

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  14. Keke Said:

    Lord he is cute that chest doeeee……. but Shay Mitchell and Keegan Allen sould date for real they make a cute couple tbh

  15. Darryn Said:

    i love keegan i bought his book and i love it ;)

  16. I love spoby Said:

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove keegan and I want spoby to get back together

  17. I love spoby123 Said:


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