Keegan Allen Talks Spoby, Bromances and Pretty Little Liars Season 4B – EXCLUSIVE

Keegan Allen teases Pretty Little Liars Season 4B at ABC Family's 25 Days Of Christmas Winter Wonderland Event.Let’s just clear one thing out of the way: Keegan Allen is tall…like, if we were choosing teams for a Rosewood basketball team, he’d be our first pick. So while watching this exclusive video please take note of the fact that Keegan is so sweet and polite that he actually hunches over at various intervals to talk to Alloy Entertainment’s interviewer. (What a trooper!) Now, that being said, let’s get to the good stuff: Pretty Little Liars Season 4B spoilers!

For the most part, Keegan knows how to keep secret better than the Secret Queen herself, Alison DiLaurentis. We kept pressing him to spill everything he knew (sorry — our curiosity got the best of us!) but his lips were sealed. (PLL’s executive producers Marlene King and Oliver Goldstick would have been so proud of him for resisting all the peer pressure!) Luckily for us though, Keegan is a generous person so he did eventually indulge us with a few interesting tidbits about his character Toby Cavanaugh and the show’s upcoming chills and thrills.

Not only should viewers expect more Spoby drama and a grown-up and confident version of Toby, but there’s also a black-and-white episode to look forward to!  “It’s a really shocking season. It’s more of a thriller season,” Keegan teased. “And then we dive into a noir episode which is unbelievable and just so excited — really emulating the bones of old Hollywood.”

Watch the exclusive video below as Keegan Allen teases PLL Season 4B bromances and mysteries. Then, drop us a comment telling us your dream storyline for Toby!


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