Exclusive Interview: Lindsey Shaw Dishes on Paige & Emily, PLL Halloween, & Her Fancy Costume

Paige McCullers has made huge strides as a person throughout the past three seasons of Pretty Little Liars. She went from being a terrifying swim team bully to being Emily’s endearing and compassionate new love interest. So what’s next for this Rosewood character — who, despite a dark history with Alison DiLaurentis, seems to have nothing but good intentions?

Well, we got a chance to ask Lindsey Shaw all our burning questions thanks to our friends over at Cambio who recently hosted a live chat with her in their studio. Watch the video below to find out what the actress, who portrays Paige on the show, exclusively revealed about the Halloween episode and Season 3B! (And be sure to check out more exciting PLL interviews over at Cambio and follow them on twitter at @Cambio for more updates!)

 Just in case you’re unable to view the interview, here it is word for word:

We love Paige’s suit and hat costume in the Halloween episode – very unexpected! Can you tell us a little more about it?
Lindsey: Paige’s outfit for the Halloween episode is very similar to the Pretty Little LiarsSeason 2 finale. She’s suiting up again for her lady. She’s playing Marlene Dietrich, an actress who was big in the Berlin sexual revolution. It’s a very intricate suit — it’s like a 3-piece — a penguin coat and a collapsible hat. This vest and heels…of course, always, to top it! What took the longest though was the hair because they had to curl it up to make it appear shorter and do it in these little curls but they had to do it so specifically and it took a long time.

Paige and Spencer were on the verge of a big fight last season. Will they reconcile in Season 3B at all?
Spencer and Paige had one of my favorite moments on PLL so far. They will reconcile which I think you see [happen] a little bit in the mid-season finale with that look to each other. They were both well-intentioned. They were both coming from this are of care and concern for their friend. So I think they recognize and respect that about each other. And on the [A] train you definitely have a moment between them when you realize that they’re on the same team and that they trust each other.

Paige and Alison have a really weird history. Will their arch rivalry be explored in more detail?
Paige and Alison — who knew, right?! You know, I think that the [rivalry] was pretty exhausted in that one scene with her. I think that sort of gave us all the motivation we need to sort of to understand Paige. I don’t think that there’s anything continued with their rivalry although you never know what footage could be dug up somewhere. Rosewood cemetery, who knows?

What has been your favorite Pailey (Emily and Paige) scene so far?
One of my first awesome Pailey moments was when Emily and Paige had that picnic in the park. I know that’s from Pretty Little LiarsSeason 1 but it’s so pretty — it’s like you start out high on them, and light is so pretty around them. It’s a beautiful picnic in the forest [and] for just a moment they have this perfect feeling and sense of each other.

Can we count on any new romantic moments between Emily and Paige?Emily and Paige are in a very good place now after the finale. You know, Emily chose Paige — she trusted Paige — in the finale, and I think that was huge for both of them. You will definitely have some Pailey moments, but in the second half you sort of see Emily having to be the caretaker. It’s not all about fun girlfriend [moments] and love. It’s sort of fear and you really see what she’s made of as a girlfriend. There are some cool Pailey scenes that come out of the vulnerability.

Confession Time: Who do you think is the ring leader of the infamous A-Team?
Lindsey: The new ringleader if I had to make a guess? I going to go with Ezra just because where has he been? Get your hands dirty, dude!

What was your reaction to Toby being a member?
Lindsey:My reaction to Toby being A? I could not believe it when he turned out. I was on set while they were doing that [and] I was also wearing a black hoodie [since] they shot all these different endings. And I knew fans who have watched the show and know all the history and all the details would just lose it. And they did! [laughs]

So tell us, lovelies: What’s your biggest question for Lindsey Shaw? Post it in the comments!

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