Spoiler Alert: Lindsey Shaw Returns as Paige McCullers in Pretty Little Liars Season Finale!

Paige McCullers returns to Rosewood on Pretty Little Liars

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

Is Emily Fields’ former flame Paige McCullers really returning to Pretty Little Liars?!

According to Hollywood Life, Paige McCullers is returning to Rosewood for the epic  Pretty Little Liars season 2 finale on May 19th, and her super juicy storyline will continue well into season three. Considering what Marlene King recently dished — that A’s mysterious identity will be revealed during the season finale and that one of the Liars will grow close to A without suspecting any foul play — Paige could very well end up being the treacherous texter!

Let’s review Paige’s track record shall we? She bullied Emily during swim team practices (and no one enjoys a good round of name-calling more than A). She practically drowned Emily in season 1 – A has a history of violent behavior as well. She’s strong and fit so she could easily run creepy errands all around Rosewood. She knows all the hideaway spots — which she proved by taking Emily to a remote pub for karaoke. She could have easily taken down Ian Thomas in that horrifying bell-tower finale! Oh, not to mention she has pretty eyes, and if she has enough cash to buy everyone on the swim team friendship bracelets (the same ones that A haunted the Liars with throughout season 1) then she can totally afford expensive leather boots!

Based on the evidence of delinquent behavior provided above, Paige could be the infamous A? Vote below!

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Chat more about Paige McCullers mysterious return in the comments, and get ready because all new episodes of Pretty Little Liars return on January 2nd on ABC Family!


  1. lyingame22 Said:

    I think its Paige becuz if she can afford all tthis stuff then she can afford leather boots….

  2. ezra4evva Said:

    Its MELISSA!!!

  3. chris Said:

    melissa and noel! in love adn team A

  4. A Said:

    Its Mona! ‘…one of the Liars will grow close to A without suspecting any foul play.” Emily & Mona in ‘The Naked Truth’.

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