Pretty Little Liars “Love ShAck, Baby” Clips Show Hanna Coping with Breakup & Getting Hit on by Travis (VIDEO)

Hanna Marin - Pretty Little Liars "Love ShAck, Baby"Poor Hanna Marin. When she and Caleb broke up in Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 14 (mostly because he wanted to keep her away from Ravenswood, deadly curses, and pitchfork-throwing scarecrows), our hearts shattered. Not only did the usually tough Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) burst into tears behind the wheel of his car, but Hanna’s anguished expression and desperate attempts to keep him from leaving were genuinely upsetting to watch. So will the blonde beauty fare in the aftermath of her split from her long-haired boo? Two words: not well. Check out three new web clips from (Pretty Little Liars “Love ShAck, Baby” (Season 4 Episode 15) below for more details!

1. In this preview clip, Ashley Marin (Laura Leighton), eager to start her new job at Jessica DiLaurentis’ real estate firm, heads into Hanna’s room to see if she’s okay. She’s startled to see that her daughter is not only awake but dressed to impress. Still, she senses great sadness. “No matter what happened, what you had was real. I know it was. Nothing changes that,” she insists, referring to Hanna’s romance with Caleb. Aww. Watch the sweet mother-daughter moment unfold in the clip below:

2. Hey, remember Hanna’s “stalker” Travis? The guy she danced with at the country hoedown in PLL episode 4×11? Well he’s back and he has his eye on our pretty little Hannakins (i.e. he offers to buy her a muffin, asks her how her mom is doing, divulges some info about how CeCe Drake was low on cash so someone paid her to kill Detective Wilden, and then tries to get to know Hanna better — the usual). However, Hanna is not looking to go on fun dates with a new hunk; she wants to wallow in misery and dream about about Caleb’s luscious eyes/hair/abs. BYE, TRAVIS! (But – damn! — is he cute or what? And he’s so nice to boot. Swoon!)

3. Hanna is not the only one questioning love and relationships — Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) is as well! In Aria’s situation though, it’s less tears and gloom and more about late-night make-out sessions with Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) at his secret cabin. However, when Spencer catches Aria returning one of Mr. Fitz’s “pens” after English class, she suspects her friend of having rekindled things with her ex. “You still love him,” Spencer points out before trying to help her friend out. “You like Jake. You love Ezra.” Oh snap. Take a look:

Do you think Aria should heed Spencer’s advice and just end things with Jake since she’s experiencing fuzzy, warm feelings towards her ex? Should Hanna give Travis a shot? What advice would you give a friend who’s dealing with a break-up? Post your thoughts in the comments!

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 14: “Love ShAck, Baby” airs Tuesday, January 14 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.


  1. malika Said:

    yayyyyy i cant wait for tommorow pll oh yea oh yea i luv pll but i think aria should break up AND stop sneaking around with ezra he is BIG danger to the girls but jake,i think she should date him.and hanna DO NOT give travis a shot just cal caleb and work things out,i KNOW it will work and if a break up effects u then get over it or get back with it if u luv him tht much thts my advice plz hanna give caleb another chance

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