Is Lucy Hale Destined To Be The Next Taylor Swift? Potential Song Titles Based on Pretty Little Liars

Lucy HaleThroughout the world, Pretty Little Liars enthusiasts best know Lucy Hale for her amazing portrayal of anti-conformist yet sweet Aria Montgomery on the show. She’s also known for her roles in blockbuster movies such as Scream 4 and The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2, and for being the face of Bongo Jeans along with PLL co-star Ashley Benson. However, taking into account her recent contract with Hollywood Records, the gorgeous television actress is expanding her horizons and set to make waves in the music industry as well! So what sort of album does Lucy hope to record? Here’s what she revealed to MTV News:

I told him [I wanted to sing] country, so I’m going to do a country/pop album, and I couldn’t be more excited,” she said. “I grew up in Tennessee, so that’s always been my heart and soul. It’s hard to come across a true country fan in L.A., but it’s true that the fans are so loyal, once you’re in their circle, you’re in for your entire career. It just really speaks to me. Country music has so much soul and is so heartfelt. I think it’s a perfect fit for me. I think it will surprise people.”

Upon announcing the exciting news, Lucy also tweeted, “Its going to be diff from anything you’ve ever heard from the label and not what you’d expect from me. Thanks for the support!” We definitely thought she was going to go in an edgy pop direction (like Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester did) but country makes sense considering that she hails from Memphis,Tennessee!

And just in case Aria also decides to embark on a singing/songwriting career, here are some song title suggests based on all the secrets and “A” drama on Pretty Little Liars:

  • You’re Driving Me Nuts and (Almost) Over A Cliff
  • This Creepy Small Town Bitch Is Crazy
  • Farewell, My Long-Haired Cowboy Lover
  • Ain’t Nothing That Can’t Tear Us Apart (Except for A)
  • Letting The Town Folks Know That Bitch Can See
  • My Sister’s A-Lovin’ A Man on Death Row
  • My Best Friend Ran Me Over But I Still Love Her
  • If Lovin’ ‘A’ is Wrong, I Always Want To Be Right
  • Got A Mind Blowing Secret Buried Deep in the Yards of My Heart
  • Mama’s Preaching That You Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble
  • Got My Jig on at a Honky Tonk and Met the Devil Along The Way
  • Lost My Trust and My Damn Memories Too
  • I Ain’t Crying Over Your Mean Ol’ Texts
  • My Man’s A Bigger Lawbreaker Than Yours
  • Papa’s Got Himself a Young’un Barely Older Than Me
  • I’ll Never Miss Your Big, Purty Stalking Eyes
  • Someone’s Peeping Through My Window Curtains

What do you think about Lucy Hale going country? What Pretty Little Liars inspired song title do you have in mind? Tell us in a comment!


  1. Asia Said:

    I love LucyH she is such a good actress and I would like to follow in her foot steps

  2. Roxy Said:

    Lucy Hale is such a good actor…and singer. I hope she tries out for more movies, because she has the talent.

  3. IVY Said:

    I am quite amazed by Lucy Hale. She is capativating and truly talented. She is one of my most favorite actresses to watch on t.v. and film. I can hardly wait to hear her music. I know that her fans and even anyone who dares to doubt her are in for a new surprising side of her and I’m already prepared to be blown away!!!!

  4. sara Said:

    i love lucy to but i can’t believe that shes going cpunrty and why do she have to have it like damn tayler swift

  5. AshleyDeAquino Said:

    Those titles actually killed me! Hahaha, Lucy’s an amazing singer I can’t wait until her album comes out(:

  6. Cecil E Geron (CHIP) Said:

    I like Lucy. I think she would be perfect to play a role in a Halloween movie. She has to be the one to kill Michael Myers in the film. I couldn’t see her getting killed.

  7. lucille Said:

    Loved Aria’s blue cowboy boots in the 8/20/13 episode. would like to kmow where to buy them.

  8. Kaylee Davis Said:

    I am one of your biggest fan my dream is to become an actress and meet the pritty little liars cast!

  9. LoveEzria Said:

    Is it true that Lucy Hale goes on PLL?

  10. Ana Pimienta Said:


  11. liza Said:

    lucy is ma biggest fan luv her very much. I think lucy is vry talented and should tryout diff.movies.She was ma fav.liar tho!!!!!!!

  12. Maddy Said:

    Lucy is love Lucy is life…..

  13. Keke Said:

    I love lucy she so pretty and i like her character in Pretty Little Liars. I think Aria fits her. I love her personality.

  14. jacqueline webb Said:

    on the show pretty little liars i want to know who killed Mona everyone think it was alison but i think it is Aria brother

  15. hailey emmett Said:

    hi I am Hailey I am in love with your show one question if a is a girl who would it be. because you guys proved on the last episode

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