Lucy Hale Counts Down Her Favorite Scenes from Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale shares her top favorite moments from Pretty Little Liars Seasons 1 - 4It’s safe to say that, in the past four years of Pretty Little Liars, the girls of Rosewood, Pennsylvania have been through hell and back. Emily Fields struggled with coming out, and then when she did, lost her first true love. (She also lost her home FYI). Spencer Hastings enjoyed a stint at Radley Sanitarum and battled a pill addiction. Hanna Marin’s family underwent some financial hardships, and her mom was falsely accused of murder. All in all, life is never easy on these three. So where does that leave Aria Montgomery?

Well, for a while, it seemed as though Aria didn’t have it half as bad as her friends did. Sure she was forced to deal with her parent’s messy divorce, her brother’s kleptomaniac ways, and her mom’s sudden move to Austria to be with a muffin man — but none of these trials and tribulations were the least bit life-threatening. However, in Season 4, Aria experienced the worst pain a girl in love can ever feel: soul-crushing betrayal, courtesy of her lover/English teacher Mr. Ezra Fitz. And then, just as she was warming up to the idea of being civil with him, some lunatic straight up shot the sucker on an New York City rooftop. Ay yi yi!

“Aria Montgomery is such a fun role to play,” Lucy Hale gushes in a special countdown video recently released by ABC Family. “And people are always asking me about my favorite scenes, so as we begin Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars and are about to film our 100th episode, it seems like a pretty good time to pick out just a few of my own favorite Aria moments” Let’s briefly reflect on all the hurt and shockers Aria has been blasted with up until this point, shall we? Hit ‘play’ on the video below and watch as Lucy counts down her favorite “Aria” scenes and find out what new troubles await this beautifully tragic Liar this summer.

Here’s a quick rundown of the “Aria” moments Miss Lucy chose:

  1. Meeting Ezra for the first time at the bar and talking about music and Iceland.
  2. Running away from Jenna’s garage after Alison tossed fireworks at it.
  3. Seeking refuge from the rain in Ezra’s car.
  4. The conversation she had about boys with Hanna and Emily in the black-and-white episode.
  5. Singing with Noel in the school choir room during a thunderstorm.
  6. Attending the masquerade ball in PLL Season 2.

That said, what are your top three favorite Aria Montgomery moments of all time? Share them in a comment below!

Get ready, dolls: Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premieres on Tuesday, June 10th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family!

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