Lucy Hale Is Girls’ Life’s Cover Girl for June/July Issue

Lucy Hale - Girls Life MagazineJust like her Pretty Little Liars character Aria Montgomery, Lucy Hale has had her fair share of heartbreaks over the years. As the June/July 2012 neon-necklace-rocking cover girl for Girls’ Life magazine, she recently shared her wise outlook on love, dating, and guilty summer pleasures. Check out what she had to say below and preview some photos from the upcoming issue!

On heartache: “I’ve been cheated on. It sucks. People come in and out of your life for a reason. If you turn it into something good, you can move on.”

On how she separates good boyfriends from bad ones: “I date people I see a future with. [My boyfriend and I] talk 24/7. If I want to text you, I’ll text you. I don’t play games.”

On her guilty summer pleasure: “My summer guilty pleasure has to be the sun. Obviously, it’s not very good for you, but when it’s summertime, I love to go to the beach or lay by the pool.”

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