Lucy Hale & NFL Star Patrick Willis Join Forces for New Duracell Campaign

Close your eyes and picture the following scenario: Adorable Lucy Hale, star of Pretty Little Liars, is partaking in a special promotion for Duracell to help raise awareness for their “Trust Your Power” campaign. She’s peering into a web cam on Skype and chatting football, Rosewood drama, and Memphis memories with Patrick Willis, a 6′ 1″ NFL linebacker who plays for the San Francisco 49ers. Wait…what?!

Yes, yes — we know. This celebrity pair-up seems utterly random at first glance but, lo and behold, Lucy and Patrick actually have a lot in common. For starters, they both love country music and hail from Tennessee — and they’re both philanthropic individuals who enjoy giving back to their communities as they’ve proven by participating in this Skype conversation. Now open your eyes and witness the amazing moment unfold in the video below as the talented actress and superstar athlete get real about Duracell’s ‘Trust Your Power’ program:

Um, did anyone else LOL big-time when Lucy asked Patrick if he’s ever watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars? We love how sheepish he looked as he tried to come up with a good excuse. “I can’t say that I’ve sat down and watched it, I think I’ve caught a glimpse,” he says. However, Lucy wasn’t having any of those shenanigans and proposed a deal — if Patrick watches a PLL ep, she’ll come to one of his games and cheer him on. Best of all? Patrick actually seemed excited about it and called it “a heck of a deal”! Well, played Miss Lucy, well played.

If you’d like to join Lucy and Patrick on their worthwhile mission to help dreams come true for underprivileged kids, please visit tweet using the hashtag #TrustYourPower (on Twitter), and share your own story in which you’ve “trusted your power.” For every story, Duracell will donate $1 to providing young athletes with scholarships to ProCamps, an organization that helps pro athletes run sports camps for young players between 7-14 years old.

So tell us: If you could pair up a Pretty Little Liars star with another celebrity for a fun interview, who would it be and why?

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