Exclusive Interview: Mandi Line Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 12 Fashion

Mandi LineThere’s no denying that the fashion on Pretty Little Liars is so stellar that it deserves its own recap. However, Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson), and Emily (Shay Mitchell) don’t magically wake up each morning looking absolutely perfect — they are lucky enough to have a talented costume designer as stylish such as Mandi Line (@tankgirlyo) work her magic to ensure that they remain Rosewood’s loveliest trendsetters. And, truth be told, whether they are chasing A into the woods or enjoying a movie with their sweethearts, our favorite foursome always looks fierce!

So we caught with Mandi to get some scoop on PLL Season 4, Episode 12 (“Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”). Enjoy three exclusive behind-the-scenes stories about the outfits the girls wear to Charlemagne’s show in Ravenswood Park!

  1. On Which Liar Wins Best Dressed: “The mid-season finale is all about Emily’s trends, which is really cool. Her style has evolved so much throughout the seasons and it’s emphasized especially in [PLL episode 4×12]. You can see a lot of her growth and confidence represented in her clothes.”
  2. On Choosing Outfits for the Ravenswood Trip: “When I get a script, I have to take the girls and their settings into account. If it’s a school day it’s easy because I can dress them up as fancy as I want but then when they’re running around, like in the midseason finale, there’s more to consider. For this episode, there were stunt doubles and they were going to spend time outdoors which required long sleeves. Each one of them needed to have something different and nobody could be in a skirt or a dress. And then I had to sit down and think, “How many variations — [in terms] of color, print, and silhouette — can I come up with so that they’re comfortable and can move fast but their individual style still shines through. I decided to go with bright pants for each and an assortment of cardigans and belt accessories. “
  3. On Charlemagne’s Costume: “The girls travel to Ravenswood in this episode and take in a magic show. However, nobody really knew what they wanted for Charlemagne’s ensemble. This is literally what they said to me: ‘He’s a mime. And a clown. And he does magic.’ They gave me a long list of descriptions and Marlene King, the show’s creator, just looked at me and said, ‘Oh you know what to do!’ We’re so second nature now that she can read my mind and I can read hers. (Laughs.) As for Charlemagne, there’s something really weird and creepy yet vivacious about him, so we crafted this fitted black jacket and placed colorful jewels on it. We then put his suspenders on backward. His shirt was specially made because they wanted a certain stripe and I didn’t like the stripes that I found. Basically, I wanted him to stand out because next to Aria, who performs a magic trick with him, nothing pops. Let’s face it though: if Aria wanted to, she could definitely slip into Charlemagne’s outfit and look really cute in it.”

For more on Pretty Little Liars fashion, check back each day this week for a new exclusive with Mandi Line and be sure to follow her on Twitter, check out her YouTube channel, and give her a like on her official Facebook page!

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