Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Spoilers: Marlene King Drops Major Hints

Pretty Little Liars season 2


The Pretty Little Liars season 2 winter premiere is less than a month away and, until then, we’re embracing all updates and spoilers that come our way. From juicy trailers to exclusive interviews to episode stills, there’s no such thing as too many sneak peek treats!

Today’s round of PLL spoilers come from After Ellen’s exclusive interview with executive producer and show creator Marlene King! Specific details were not blatantly stated because — let’s face it — what would be the fun in that? However, Marlene hinted that some unfortunate and heartbreaking twists will be taking place on Pretty Little Liars Season 2…and we’re on edge trying to figure out which girl will suffer a huge loss in the finale!

Check out the harrowing details Marlene King revealed to After Ellen:

There is actually a moment in the finale when everyone on set was in tears watching the girls in the scene. Everyone: me, the director, the electrician — we were all almost on our knees feeling for the pain of this certain character. It becomes very, very real.”

OMG! Who is it?! What’s going to happen?! We already know that a beloved character is going to die — could it be one of the girls’ main love interests? ( If you can’t already tell, we’re seriously freaking out and are betting that almost every other hardcore viewer is as well!)

Marlene King also hinted that Caleb and Hanna will be very proactive in investigating A’s identity, Jason DiLaurentis will experience huge revelations, and Wren will return and be in pain. We cannot wait to return to Rosewood!

Which Liar do you think will experience a heartbreaking loss?

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Chat more about Marlene King’s clues in the comments, and get ready because all new episodes of Pretty Little Liars season 2 return on January 2nd on ABC Family!


  1. Naomi Said:

    What is it’s Emily? But I don’t want anything bad happening to the Liars. :(

  2. Theo Said:

    @Naomi I know, right?! :(

  3. Jenna Said:

    It’s not Aria’s love interest because I can see Ezra in the background, thank God.

    My guess is Toby dies. Poor Spencer…

  4. Carly Said:

    Its okay because it’s not Ezra. :)

  5. Angela Said:

    im guess emily’s dad since he is in the army

  6. Katie Said:

    you do realise this was a photo of ian’s funeral not the person who’s going to die in season 2- i just hope it’s not toby- maybe he was trying to save spencerr :”(

  7. Theo Said:

    @Katie Yes. This is a photo from Ian’s funeral. Since we don’t have a photo from future episodes (since they haven’t aired) we used this one. If you click or hover over the photo it tells you exactly which episode the still is from. Hope that helps. And we don’t want anyone to die either. :(

  8. summer Said:

    I think it may be Melissa…

  9. genesis van der woodsen Said:

    @katie yeah you’re right. this photo was ian’s funeral. anyway, i have also a feeling that toby’s gonna die and for whatever reason, it’s gonna be sad,for spencer and the rest of the liars.

  10. Hannah Said:

    I have a feeling it will be either Aria or Spencer who lose someone. If I had to say right now, I would have to say Toby dies, but I’m not sure. I just pray it’s not Ezra. I also hope Aria and Ezra get this whole situation with Aria’s parents fixed so they can be together again.

  11. Brionna Said:

    I think it might be Emily’s Dad becuz he’s in the army so he might have died in action. I hope not but that’s what I think. I really was surprised when I found out that someone will die. All I know is that it can’t one of the girls love interest becuz they wouldn’t do that it would make the show less awesome. I don’t think it would be Melissa becuz she’s gonna have a baby(Ian’s baby). It might not be someone important it could just be Jason or an old friend of the girls you never know. I really hope it’s no one important.

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