Marlene King Talks Pretty Little Liars TV Series, Spoilers, and Epic Finale

Executive producer and creator Marlene King answers juicy questions about Pretty Little Liars Season 2!There are many reasons we adore Marlene King. First of all, she’s the creator of the ever-so-addicting Pretty Little Liars TV show. Second, she’s constantly communicating with fans of the series via twitter and live Q&As –allowing everyone to to truly feel like a part of the PLL experience. Third, shes  a big-time fan of the Pretty Little Liars book series and the mastermind behind itSara Shepard. Lastly, she just loooves spoiling viewers rotten with legitimate clues and savory sneak peeks.

Well, it must be our lucky day because SheWired just posted an interview with the oh-so-fabulous Marlene King and it’s positively teeming with goodies for avid viewers and Rosewood conspiracy theorists to chew on! From revealing clues through Alfred Hitchcock movie titles to retelling the beautiful tale of how our favorite show came into being to describing what the writing team’s plans are for A, Marlene treats us all to some pretty delicious nuggets of information! Dig into some of the most tantalizing moments from the interview below, lovelies!

SheWired: How did the Pretty Little Liars material come to you?
Marlene King: I had a general meeting with the folks at ABC Family because they loved Now and Then, and it seemed like we had very similar sensibilities. They developed programs for the target audience that I really seemed to have a lot of fun writing with and for… I left that meeting and the very next day they called and said “Hey, we have a book for you to take a look at.” It was Pretty Little Liars.

SheWired: So, what was your response after reading that book?
Marlene King: I loved it! I read it in one sitting and called and said, “Can I have the next book please? And when can I come in and talk about the television show?”

SheWired: What were the challenges in trying to take that book from book form to the television show?
Marlene King: The challenge…it was actually really fun for me. It wasn’t extremely challenging or taxing. I remember writing the pilot with a smile on my face the whole time. The book was so much fun. The pilot was based on the very first Pretty Little Liars book. It’s a very literal adaptation of the book. The Executive Producer of the pilot with me was Bob Levy, and I remember calling him everyday and say “Bob this is so much fun, I cant wait for you to read it.” He was like, “Stop calling! You’re getting my hopes up to high.” It was just a lot of fun.

SheWired: You have paid homage to Hitchcock several times. I forget now if it’s you or Oliver Goldstick (executive producer) who is the Hitchcock fan.
Marlene: Well, I think we’ve all become Hitchcock fans but I came into this show with the thought that we should pay as much homage to Hitchcock as possible. We try to honor Hitchcock’s work heavily,  at least in every finale.

SheWired: I’m going to have to pay more attention to that because I have seen Vertigo and Rear Window in the show.
Marlene King: You should see Psycho before you see the Season 2 finale.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about what we can expect from Pretty Little Liars?
Marlene: It’s just a very exciting time for us because we feel this season is the end of a sort of two-year journey for us. We started telling the story (of A) two years ago and it’s really exciting for us to finally get to share with the audience the conclusion of that part of Pretty Little Liars.

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Now it’s YOUR turn! If you could ask Marlene one question about any Pretty Little Liars mystery or twist, what would it be? Leave your burning question for Marlene King in the comments and remember to catch all new episodes of Pretty Little Liars Season 2 every Monday at 8/7 c on ABC Family!

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